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  1. Quite agree the top may not be in yet….however, we appear to be somewhere on the cliff face of WSCS euphoria…..though precisely where I do not know. Awaiting confirmation to see if we will plough up to $61k and above, or fall into the abyss. Giant deltas on the hourly seem on hold (hourly delta at time of writing is circa $240…. and when it starts fizzing like this (between small delta values) something big could be afoot, but in which direction? [Edit: We also bounced down from $57,500 twice….if it fails on a retest or fails to retest, that may be a bearish indicator in an otherwise cloudless paradise of moonboy euphoria].

  2. Little James says “I’m a genius. My Cardanya went up 40% in a day, Kirby.
    40% in a day. little James struck gold. Little James struck gold.
    Little. James. struck. Gold. Turned $20 into $28 of cardanya in a day!” 😂

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