⭐️ Bitcoin BIG MONTHLY Close Price Analysis In Hindi | Global Markets Detailed Price Analysis Update

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    ⏰ TimeStamps ⏰
    0:00 – Introduction
    2:06 – Bitcoin Major Market Metrics Update
    4:48 – Futures Trading Tutorial Update
    5:18 – Bitcoin Mega Monthly Closure Price Analysis
    9:47 – Bitcoin Daily Price Analysis
    13:16 – Bitcoin Quick Short Term Price Analysis Update
    14:43 – NasDaq Futures Price Update
    15:12 – Indian stock market Nifty50 Price Analysis
    16:52 – Gold Futures Price Analysis
    17:36 – Political Impact on world markets
    18:18 – ChainLink Detailed Price Analysis
    20:07 – Ethereum Quick Price Analysis Update
    21:13 – Dollar Index ( DXY ) Update
    21:51 – Outro

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