🔴 I Have Changed My Bitcoin Strategy [2020 Update] | Fold Bitcoin Rewards Card Review

Announcement: Due to the global macro-economic events I am UPDATING my Bitcoin accumulation strategy. Fold App + Card Review Sign up for the first …


  1. I usually like all of your video and this is the first time I dislike. I know you meed to monetize but I feell i Just lost 5 min
    I hope the next video won't disappoint! 🤞

  2. I got an email on April 16 from purse.io saying that they are dissolving the company. It's a sad day in crypto history. I hope all those who worked in building the company and invested in it do well in life. They should. They have great foresight. Next time I hope they build easier user interfaces and an easier to understand business model.

  3. spinning the wheel every day – all this pointing to the new trends in earning or mining, popularizing crypto – micro scales and accessible to the masses via every day devices/tasks, creating new types of networks;
    i am mining Pi on my mobile and it too needs attention once every day; still in its early phase but if you want to get aboard you can use my code: boatal as it is by invite only

  4. You always published great content. However, this was my first thumb down after months of ups. Watched the whole video, waiting to hear your BTC strategy… and there was no strategy at all, just a boring ad. Very disappointed. Wasted time.
    By the way, there are millions of ways to earn sats. You may make a video about that if that was the point. Furthermore, you were always bullish on bitcoin: I am surprised you only now decide to accumulate BTC. That card has nothing to do with any BTC strategy you changed and it doesn't even work outside US.

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