1. I am so happy this video pulled up whenever I googled one of those usernames from a comment section. I wouldn't have fallen for this scam. But its good to know this is fake/these people do not exist

  2. Young geeks are crooks, cocksuckers. Young people are no damn good. Planting viruses, stealing other people’s money. Execute them. Just before, slice off their scrotum so their testicles and vas defrens are removed.

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  4. Might be tedious, but you can create a database of all know scammer bitcoin wallet addresses. Constantly updated. All anyone will have to do is copy and paste theur address to show if it shows up on verified scam sites and livestream when they posted theirs. lol

  5. Don’t fall for scammers like Jordan Meyers and Josephine Reynolds, there is different profiles here on YouTube where there go in and engaged with people in the comments section and start to say that they made 3 bitcoin from an investment of 0.5 bitcoin with professional traders like Jordan and Josephine, and they make people to contact them on telegram and Whatsapp. Don’t fall for that scam, cuz they taking you to a fake trading platform and scam your investment.

  6. In one of the videos I commented with a thorough and well put sentences, one of the said scammers or group simply copied most of the things that I said and pointed out and simply added their advertisement in the end and/or insignia. It was funny to see nonetheless, but it's just so sad to see it happen every single videos; promoting their whatsup group or mentor or whatnot.

  7. Thanks for this content, expose these m****f***** they distroy innocent investers. Meanwhile other YouTubers shilling their referrals links (shame on them) they should do what you did.

  8. cryptosrus has been banned for a few weeks now and he hasn't heard anything from YT yet. The rest of you were just lucky to get your channel back.

  9. Why doesn't anyone address this to some authorities? I would think it's not legal, not for YouTube either, to be a website that promotes fraud 24/7. There are articles that state a website is responsible for their content that users generate. It does not matter if YouTube is not capable and failing to filter and check their content, that's not our problem. Any other website "officially" promoting fraud would be taken down pretty fast, right? So YouTube has a free ticket to do that it seems, everyone else would be held responsible for doing the same.

  10. Ive warned people about this a few hours ago!! yesterday there were lives treams from bill gates and Elon musk too but thats all BS!! be careful people!! ive warned about this all over youtube!! its our duty to keep the crypto community safe for everyone!! stay safe guys!!!

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