1. The housing market in the Manchester City centre is booming with high rises going up every where and Is a billion £ property market.Is this a bubble or is it due to the north being less expensive and ok to invest here?

  2. Hi Neil,I haves been advised to have a separate gmail based in Switzerland,with two QR codes and a 12 word password to stop any one from hacking into your Bitcoin account.It was so complicated I didn’t buy any..Is there simpler way to purchase Bitcoin/crypto’s and is safe from being hacked/stolen.

  3. Brilliant, well done. Andreas M. Antonopoulos is the person who speaks the most sense and actually understands bitcoin. My problem with bitcoin is that it is not easy to spend – takes time to process and few places will take it. Should have been called 'bitbar'. I wonder if you had physical gold on you & bitcoin on your phone wallet, what would be easier to spend in a shop.

  4. Neil, to me, your guest could not explain what bitcoin actually is or how it has intrinsic value. For me that’s enough to pass on it. If I can’t understand it, I don’t wanna invest in it.

  5. 99.9% of the people I know who own Bitcoin only own it so they can later sell it to somebody else at a profit. They don't use it. They don't spend it. The INVEST in it, then promote it and look forward to the day they can sell it for huge profit.

    THAT is pretty damned similar to the effect of a Ponzi scheme. THAT is why people call it a Ponzi… because it acts like it based on the OVERWHELMING use of those whom have it.

    As a currency, it's terrible. It's FAR too unstable and difficult to transact to make it a great money.

  6. I think we're limiting the conversation too much when we mostly focus on bitcoin. I believe digital currencies will be the way of the future, especially once this approach is adopted by governments via their own centralized digital money (like digital dollars, euros, pounds, etc.)
    In a future like this cryptocurrency use will be much more prevalent, but it will likely be geared towards very specific uses and I don't think it will actually replace centralized currencies.

  7. I was a stock broker back in the 1980s, and also dealt in Real Estate. I now hold cash and low volatility funds, no mortgages and am completely independent from banks and investment banks. No one owns me, and I owe no one. Unless you deal with algorithms, you will probably lose in the stock market. Real Estate investing is very speculative. I've known people who got into owning rental properties, drove themselves crazy with collecting rents, and lost their shirts in the crash. Bitcoins? No way. If you take the cash you earn, keep putting 20-30% of it away in safe funds not exposed to big losses, and do nothing else, over 20 years, you can retire a millionaire.

  8. Major difference between gold and Bitcoin: you can take the Bitcoin algorithm to create another exact same copy of the system with minimal effort, and call it "Bytecoin" or whatever you want, and you can do this infinite times, creating infinite “deposits” waiting to be “mined”; but you cannot take gold, and "create" a new kind of precious metal infinite times.

  9. 4:22 " …and you kinda need Mr.Ponzi"
    Ehm.. Satoshi Nakamoto??? The fucker who made this and mined the first million of them???
    I have to say I am listening to this guy for many years and I totally lost respect for him and became allergic to his squeaky voice…

  10. What makes Bitcoin better then digital precious metals? The Royal Mint’s digital precious metals are actually backed up by real tangible precious metals in vaults.

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