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  2. Dude, I got to give it you. You made some progress in you video's When I first catched up with you it was somewhere in '17. I've been in crypto since '13 and I couldn't stand your views and opinions. But recently I catched another video and I was convinced you made quite some learning curve. Today I saw you reflecting on your self and actually being a boss by admiting your faults and errors. That's a good thing. Now shill Grin for me and I might start liking you a lot 😉 Nah kidding. Keep up the good work!

  3. i wish you would run my account. You are the only YOUTUBE guy that lost money…so I trust you..we shared that experience…no other you tube men have EVER LOST MONEY…NEVER…i would never trust them…sadly including carl moon…orTHE KIRBS who hass never lost a buy/sell, NEVER..so who does he really work for…he must get inside infor,

  4. Sorry to hear about your losses on Nebulas. I bought Nebulas on May 13th at 1350 sats. You would have too with a decent strategy. Have a look at CryptoCrewUniversity, they’re pretty awesome.

  5. Tip: don’t sell the small cap projects in your portfolio. HODL them to $0. If they die, you can use the loss against gains. If they don’t die, they might pump and then you can sell. Either way, win (unless all your trades suck and you just lose and lose and lose). But, with BTC, we all gonna win soooooo HODL the small cap bags! 😝

  6. That was some of the best advice you have ever given Sonny. You're right. It's but I must say I feel like park opinion palation happens more when it's skyrocketing up because people are pumping it to dump it I never sweat it when it's going down

  7. Maybe the whales are banks that pump bitcoin massively up and down while buying the weak hands bags on dips to gain even more control of the swings. They always said bitcoin was too volatile to be a currency, so they manufacture the volatility to make sure the played out USD never fails.
    They been doing this with silver since it pumped to $40s I think after last recession.

  8. Google is favoring 3 second load time websites. You need to optimize or create websites for mobile FIRST, and then accommodate lap and desktops. That may have affected the ccn website.

  9. You said in video’s we should sell the alts for BTC. Altseason is coming… Alts will outperform BTC in the short term base. (Small cap coins will easy do 10-20x).

    If you want to make money, I would say, do research and invest 1 BTC in 10 altcoins.

    In the long term BTC will outperform, I’m sure…. But now it’s altseason time :p

  10. Sunny I'd say that your mistake is being such a BTC maximalist. I'm confident there are hundreds of very good alt coins (which you just decided to call shit coins) that can by far outperform btc. Bear in mind it's still a nascent technology and we'll have to keep on watching further developments. Cheers!

  11. CCN was a Brietbart wannabe. Unfortunate to see the apparent reason they had to shut down, but I'm personally glad they're gone.

  12. 0.00000001 satoshi is worth of nothing at all, not Iranian Rial, or Indonesian Rupiah or Switzerland Frank (Old Currency) or Euro nor any other currency at all.
    Sunny, as an Iranian I feel little bit offensive and I agree because of sanction against IRAN due to political conflict between IRAN and USA and I confess our economy is collapse and inflation is higher nowadays. But you give an information to prove Bitcoin is valuable, Which I believe it is but it is very simple to calculate because 1 satoshi is equal of 0 cent compare to USD or Euro or any other currency. and If you see any number in exchange it is just a number worth of nothing. Actually is same 0 compare to Euro or USD and it is just because of dividing 1e-8 it shows something.
    I know that post and comparison was not yours but I urge you to pay more attention regarding those article.
    Thanks and Peace …

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