#1 BEST Crypto Investment Strategy for 2020 (DeFi Crypto)

A HUGE move today was made by CoinMarketCap that will have a massive impact on Decentralized Finance. Face it, getting in DeFi crypto today is like …


  1. I am an honest man who must give credit to whom it is due to, and in this case it is darkethics/net who deserve my thanks and appreciation for getting me 13BTC, i am thankful for this, from Russia.

  2. The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without stopping then the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not investing like the rich.

  3. The image of that girl waking up & viewing her phone & rolling her eyes & rolling over in bed at 5:29 has been me lately,in quarantine alert mode w/webull & crypto apps, watching some investments do well while others tank,namely COMP & MKR,they tanked on me,when I thought I was buying a dip,it turned out to be a chasm.

  4. Can you do some review videos on COMP & Maker? I recently got into both just to watch them both crash drastically & I've been reading that COMP is way overvalued & that is could go as low as $50 I really don't see any good analysis videos up on these 2 based on their very recent movements. So my intro defi is pretty shot to hell, as these were my 1st impressions & both have utterly tanked recently, (I know there's a lot more to Defi money making,I"ll mention later) I just sold my tanking COMP just to watch it bounce +$10 the instant I did, ugh, though overall it looks super bearish on the big picture. I need a better understanding of the 2 tokens & I know there is much more to defi, as I have been studying & researching, the true ways of staking & interest & CDP's etc. But the tokens themselves are just tanking lately & it sucks,as I said,not a great 1st impression. I need more opinions & viewpoints here to restore confidence. I stop lossed my BTC & got into some of these & ugh,regretting it

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