(1 of 2) Chinas Digital Yuan Will TRIGGER the U.S. to EMBRACE the DIGITAL DOLLAR or fail! Here's Why

In a new expose on China’s Digital Yuan it is finally being REVEALED that AMERICAN CORPORATIONS are EMBRACING the new Chinese CBDC, it is …


  1. Lived in China for a year and a half. Everyone paid for everything with their phones. Even little old ladies knew how to pay with their phones. Hardly anyone carries physical cash.

  2. When do you keep referencing the fed it's a criminal bank cartel it has to go Also the usd has had its day, there is a big wide world out there, need to look wider and bigger Rothschild etc all, thank god for BTC

  3. It’s not a big mystery currency, it started as a payment feature in the app WeChat. Many vendors on the streets and small shops don’t have card machines, so they pay phone to phone with WeChat. We could do this now, but we haven’t adopted it yet. I personally like my card as it’s not dependent on having a charged battery like my phone does.

  4. Essentials have to be produced locally. Economies will restructure that way. Digital local currencies as stable as possible. How about a completely different one for international exchanges? Not based on a national one. Just a thought. What could it be? How? An already existing crypto maybe?
    I see it completely separate.

  5. More dependance on the phone device not a good thing because it equates to possible more people control. I love to go out without it: freedom. Cash or cards with me for payments. Mostly some quite young people use their phone to pay via debit. They grow up dependant on it. In Canada.

  6. Simply. The digital dollar will be backed by gold by or before the end of the month. China will make their announcement the day after the US…the 'Great Reset' will be announced and the fun begins.

  7. That production You were talking about will move from China back to US for example but I think that will be only a fraction. Most will go to so called 3rd World countries. Look Bangladesh for example.

  8. Hot news flash, in China they have been doing this for years, they just didn't tell you. In 2018 you could purchase your products, use public transportation even purchase produce and meats in the wet markets with digital payments. If you did not live in China you have no idea. They switched to the digital Yuan back in January called the DCEP and it is 1 to 1 with the fiat Yuan. Do not be fooled by the talking heads that say it is only being tested in a few cities. China is way ahead of the US in this area. Governmentally the US already has a digital dollar and it is ready to be issued. However the US public is basically in the stone age regarding digital payments. Either adapt or be left behind.

    It doesn't matter if you have a CBDC for your country, you still encounter the same problems that currently exist. None of the central banks trust each other neither do any of the countries. Thus all monies have to go through an exchange and currently agreed upon set medium of exchange, the petrodollar. If all countries go to their own CBDC, they are still going to require a bridge asset. The general consensus is that they want a neutral asset to level the playing field and the dollar is not neutral neither is the digital Yuan.

  9. A lot of companies are starting to pull out of China though and will continue to do so. I think we might see China struggle if they lose all the outside manufacturing. But we shall see I’m trying to stay diverse so whichever way it goes I can get a piece.

  10. If we have a decentralized banking system how will the homeless or other low income people participate in the economy without phones? Will the homeless without jobs die?

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