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  3. Okay! So, nice 5 to 10% day. How much are we talking about per trade? $50? $100? $500? $1,000? I have been with Binance for quite sometime now and I'm not sure how much money I should keep on the exchange. So I'm a bit cautious about this. But I guess one could have say $1k on a trade, send it to a hardwallet and then back to cash out. Off course, this takes time and that time could cost a few $. Not trying to knock you down buddy, by no means. It would be good if you could say how much are you confortable to leave in the exchange. Well done and keep them videos coming! Thanks.

  4. Dude your videos are so knowledgeable. You make your content easy to understand and you know your stuff. I'm a novice trader and am really liking your trading views and strategies.

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