1. Hi Keith, remember you from about 3/4 years ago when you dealt with Binary, good to see you again, could you point me too, or make a video on how to start this from basic and as cheap as poss for complete noob's, all the best .

  2. Hey man, thanks for posting this. Im super broke so valid info that actualy helps without paying 100$ a month to join a group is a godsend. I plan on paying it forward, cheers!

  3. Hi mate just wanted to ask when looking to enter the trade should I aiming to get all the indicators lined up on the 5m chart or to line up on the 1m chart

  4. Another great vid Keef. I'm gonna start day trading using ONLY your signals. I'm gonna use all my life savings, an inheritance, my children's future school fees and some money I've just found that had fallen down the back of the sofa.
    I am relying on you to make me rich, no pressure then! 😉

  5. Nice vid again man
    And yes U shouldn't mine and record video cas pc keeps lagging and it`ll effect the hashrate and its quite disturb when U want to do work on your pc.
    U might want to mine w/ different machine, so your everyday pc work wouldn't be interrupted
    Looking forward to next one w/ those Serbia guys, will be awsome !

  6. This video is gold for me. I just started trading and am already familiar with the MACD, RSI, Stoch and BBs so this tutorial was easy to follow & while not much due to low balance, I closed a trade with 29% gain & have another one open that's up 7-18%

  7. I think that Chainlink (LINK) coin this year can give many X-es! As Verge in 2017) I received free tokens on linkcoin.fun I will buy some tokens in addition at the exchange. Now I'm just just sitting and waiting for the growth. I hope in at least for 10 X-es)

  8. Love this. Imagine starting with $100 and making $100 a day from it. That's a dream. I'm not greedy. That's a $36k a year salary right there. I realise not every day and trade will be a good one though. Thanks Keith. KUTGW

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