#2 Order matching engine | Trading on Coinbase Pro – GDAX

Before we begin executing orders, we are going to talk about the GDAX order matching engine and how it operates. This will guide our expectations as we start …


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  2. Hey just wondering if i place an order to buy at a certain price, do i have to wait until someone wants to sell at that same price? That could theoretically speaking take weeks/months no? Your videos are straight to the point n easy to understand btw, ive subscribed 👍

  3. Thanks bro for these awesome video's on GDAX trading. You should get more views….Could you do a video on price action? I was looking through your playlist and was unable to find one. Cheers!

  4. so, first GDAX tries to match taker order nº1 with maker order(s) nº1, which is 7785 with 7790…and if not matchable, it is going to try to match taker order nº1 with maker order(s) nº2, which is 7785 with 7795….no?

    i got confused because you created 2 yellow arrows…..in my head only one makes sense, the upper one…

    perhaps im understanding wrong

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