1. Most cryptocurrencies are scams, all trying to emulate bitcoin. Bitcoin has operated successfully for 10yrs and all the naysayers are people over 50.

  2. Depending on whose money he stole he'll always be looking over his shoulder. And I could have told you back in 2014 BTC was a scam. This isn't the first exchange where the owners took the money and ran, won't be the last.

  3. PPl are really stupid .
    They STILL dont understand that Bitcoin and others are nothing but a scam and is used by criminals.The sheep keeps buying this and feeds the criminals every day..

  4. Maybe he got ripped off maybe he couldn't find the right buyer . But i know for a fact he had around 110 bit coin when the shit took off. He ended up flipping them they were vslued at around 9 k per. And he ended up getting about 350000. Which is still sick considering he had originally bought them all so that he could buy drugs on the dark web. But he had kicked the habit and then still had the big coins and I'm not sure what he bought them for but I think it was a dollar or a little bit above a dollar per coin cuz he used to buy a ton of drugs on that s**. He kicked his habit got sober still had the coins now he owns a house and s** luckiest drug story I've ever heard but I knew it was a posi scheme or unreal when I heard how the price was going up cuz what he had was valued at like a million dollars or something. Wasn't nobody giving him that much money for that s*** he's lucky he got the 350,000 cuz as far as I know they haven't gone up by a dime since he saw them it might even dropped

  5. Bitcoin was $0.08 when I first looked it up. $500 invested at that time would be 51 million today. I gain consolation by telling myself that I would have lost it all in the Mt. Gox bankruptcy (theft), lolz.

  6. Al your audio in most of your videos is really terrible I mean come on spend some of that money on fixing this issue so I can see your videos from the beginning to end.

  7. Al Profit, I take it you don't monitor the crypto world that heavily? There is so much fraud brewing around crypto right now it's not even funny. lol

  8. I was actually going to comment and ask why this segment wasn't a part of your story line up. Good work! They keep our minds busy with the low level stuff while $160million+ goes down without even a drop of Media Coverage……. Just SMH…I would like to see more of this series…..

  9. Turn it up a bit. I don’t know when you recorded this but Bitcoin seems to be doing pretty well. As of today 1bitcoin=$10,840. At one point you could buy 1 for $25. All the big money management firms are buying.

  10. Nah. Lots of digital assets are 100%. You should have had those assets in cold storage. You got got so you are biased and bitter.

    You received those bags of btc cash because the network forked. CRYPTO IS THE FUTURE OF MONEY

  11. Yahoo chat had several chatters selling credit card numbers and a bunch of other items that I never heard of. Hacker's Lounge it was called. I asked one of them to explain what they were selling and he said, "Don't come back." and he "booted" me off chat. And he kept the boot going for several minutes.

  12. How'd BTC crash if it's on it's way back to it's All time high? lol I understand being salty a lick got hit on you but don't call it a ponzee scheme just because someone stole your crypto. I love your content though & keep Creating

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