1. @Joe Scott
    I dont know if you read new comments on old videos. If you do though, I think it's time for you to consider another blockchain video.

    I think that you should explore the new vision for Bitcoin specifically. Recently Fidelity Investments (the very large and reputable powerhouse investment firm) released a report on Bitcoin comparing it not to currencies like USD but to gold. They describe it not as money but as a store of value. Very like how gold has been since we dropped the gold standard. I think it could be really cool to if you explored why gold became this "hedge" against monetary inflation and how Bitcoin is in the perfect position to join gold as a hedge but in the digital era. It certainly has many advantages over gold. For instance it can be sent anywhere around the world in minutes and for a fraction of the cost of sending real gold. And of course all the other reasons you have layed out before. Security, decentralization, fixed supply.

    Paul Tudor Jones, one of the most well known investor in the world, and a big gold fan has recently bought into Bitcoin. He is just one of the many big players now looking at Bitcoin as digital era gold.

    I think it would be a pretty interesting video for those who dont really understand the actual use case for Bitcoin. Those of us in crypto understand that Satoshi probably wanted it to be more like currency but it has really evolved into gold 2.0. It should be treated as such.

    As a crypto trader I am very plugged into the crypto economy so I can say this would be far better timed then your first Bitcoin video. No offense of course but it began its bubble collapse literally a month after your first one. However, all the signs are pointing to Bitcoin (and crypto in general) being on the very cusp of a another rally. Nearly everyone in crypto and traditional investing is expecting Bitcoin to reach values of over 100,000 USDs within a few years. Now is of course, just the very early steps in the rally, so getting a video out soon would be super helpful for all the people who will be flooding into Bitcoin over the next year and years. Plus you have done almost one blockchain related video a year sooooooo #keepthetrendalive. Lol

    Also I admit I have an ulterior motive. If you do the video I can just link it to all my friends instead of trying to explain why they should consider Bitcoin myself. Lol. You would be my shortcut.

    Anyway. I love your videos Joe. Keep up the amazing work.

  2. BTC is transparency over pseudonymous privacy. Monero is refining privacy in a huge way, DeFi is enabling Saving decentralised private accounting, Liquidity pools, Staking, decentralised exchanges. Collateralised Loans, Lending, Leveraging, and now, uncollateralised flash loans like : build a smartcontract to get money, make an arbitrage transaction, extract profit and pay back loan in One ☝️ transaction + low fees.

  3. I know old video, but if anyone is reading this and interested, a good analogy to the lightening network is a casino. You walk into the casino, and buy your chips. You can then take your chips to any table within the casino and start playing right away without any validation or additional transaction. When you're done and want to leave, you need to go cash out your chips for money.

    That's the lightening network in a nutshell. Those two transactions when you buy and sell chips are on the blockchain, and the rest of the transactions are off chain and on the lightening network.

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