3 Rules To Trade Like A Pro In Crypto!

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  1. Your voice is so hypnotic, it makes me visualize all fantastic scenarios crypto can take me through and then some… Also, I always feel my IQ increases just by being in earshot of your voice.

  2. This was good, except the point on reversals come from the inside out was not very clear to me. I understand that the long term trend is more important and that a reversal can come within a week and that swing trades are made within the longer term trends, but I'm still missing something.

  3. love the work man. thank you. just a suggestion your background song was a bit distracting during this video. vocals in the background made it difficult to follow you.

  4. I love dips. I can only exchange fiat for BTC/Alts every 2 weeks. While it is nice to make a killing on EOS (1 bag I filled as much as possible), I am looking at prices and find a hard time paying these prices. I do it anyway because I count success by how much BTC/Alts I have.

  5. Another great video, thanks! Could you check Streamr Data? partners with ELEC and Golem.. plus they will be announcing 2 fortune 500 partners soon. Also the data marketplace will be launched at Consensus 2018

  6. Huge THANKS for the videos. Thanks to you i have success:) Would you pay attention on CIVITAS coin, it is MN, and what do you think about it?

  7. I particularly love this channel because every single video i watch is always helpful,I've made some mistakes trying to trade on the BTC market on my own,i'll just have someone handle my trading for me.

  8. Great video and very useful info. I have recently been investing in a new coin called DeepOnion, it has only been only the market for less than a year and not sure how to analyse it (although the chart seems pretty decent). What are your thoughts on it?

  9. When you say risk only 2% of your account on a trade, does this mean your account used exclusively for cryptos/trading, or your cumulative account for all of your funds?

  10. Good trading advices, I totally agree with all of them but no matter how hard I try I am still quite bad when trading in bear markets because I have an uncurable bullish bias. One of the rules I find problematic is risk management, so many times during the last six months I felt very bad for not investing more money in projects like Verge, Tron, Kucoin, DeepOnion when they did 20x-30x but with hindsight probably being careful was the most rational thing to do. Now that the bull market is back I do some swing trading with KCS and Onion (which became pretty predictable for me) and jump on hypes like OCN/ONT/ICX.

  11. Sweet crap guys if it does become true that the NASDAQ joins in, it will be great but also bad in that regulation will follow big time. Also as an airline pilot I love the flying comparison. You guys continue to frickin crush it. Cheers 🥃

  12. Absolutely love this channel! Superb content, spot on each and every time. I also LOVE it that you dont discuss any coin specificly, but more general stuff so it applies to everyone. Keep it up. Greetings from The Netherlands!

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