4 levels of motivation for crypto traders

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  1. I have been trying to reach any kind of support about my Sotoshi Mines Account and no success whatsoever. I deposited approx $3500. back in May/June and have made a whopping $126, duriing the last 4 months. How about some support? Am I invested in the wrong masternodes? Do you actually assist your masternode investors or is everything hands off? I would appreciate a reply as to what I am doing wrong to have made so little sofar. My earnings area shows -45.9% Thank you
    Richard Amoury

  2. I like your mind set, self motivation and determination is a key to success. Am here on the internet watching various YouTube videos and hoping to find way out of my need and changes. My why is Security and Freedom, Very important to me, and hope to find a break through.

  3. My motivation is to move away from healthcare after 20 years. I honestly don’t have a plan B, wish me luck. Thanks for your content.

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