4 Stocks Billionaire Mark Cuban Owns! Stocks to buy now?! (Shark Tank Guy)

Want to join my free STOCKHUB discord chat? Here is the link Today I share 4 stocks that billionaire Mark Cuban owns. Mark Cuban …


  1. Jeremy dont sleep on live nation. They are slowly but surely monopolizing the music touring AND ticketing space. This is a stock that could be worth well over 300 in the future.

  2. Hey man! keep up the amazing videos! Ive been following you on youtube for a while.

    Where do you find the Income Statement on a company? (the ones you always show us)

  3. March 22 Mark bought the LYN stock for $22 and then doubled the stock price while the economy was crashing – obviously he is making money by manipulating stock price and stealing stock holders money .

  4. I just feel like Netflix doesn't make sense to me at that price. For that, I'd buy apple stock at a 100$ less and get better value imo. Amazon and Google are amazing stocks but I'd rather invest those 2k in various stocks than one big one. Just my 2 cents.

  5. Netflix will be a big reason why ill retire comfortably at 45. Bought in 2012 and sold much of my position with all the competition coming but still love me my netflix!

  6. Why would anyone buy from the stock market? It's a pump-and-dump right now, where retail investors are enticed to buy while the ultra-rich dump on all of you using bailout money.

  7. Thanks for the video.
    Since you "can tell why Mark Cuban would own Netflix." but you and every other you tuber wont actually tell anyone why he or any other big dog in the stock market owns what they own. I will:
    They got in much cheaper than the current price. Mark Cuban probly bought Netflix at 5 dollars a share. think about that for why he owns Netflix.
    Now they are down to advertise the stock they are in because they are massively incentivised by sheeple and other advertisers like this who are also massively incentivised to talk about it.
    Dont buy it people think for yourself.

  8. I know you're very intelligent and well researched. But I do have a few gripes with you. Quite a few stocks I've taken from your highly touted suggestions have either not done well, or was very stagnant for well over 12 months. Yet you are not high on companies such as Amazon, Netflix, etc. I'm not certain I would be to trusting of your directions. But nevertheless, you are great at this youtube business, and your analysis is thorough. Your execution is questionable.

  9. netflix content is shit, they have to many shitty 'Original' shows that are just super left wing and dont appeal to any dude with a pair of nuts.

  10. im not gonna pretend im smarter than Mr. Cuban but no… just no to everything except AMZN but still, id put my money in TSLA before AMZN. Even Uber(at its price) would be a better long term in my opinion.

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