5 Crypto Investing Lessons I've Learnt This Year

I’ve learnt a lot of lessons about investing in cryptocurrencies over the past year. In this video, I’ll be sharing some of those. Apologies for the wind! DISCLAIMER: …


  1. Here's a CliffsNotes for those of you watching 1.5x or 2x speed.

    1. Take negative profit off the table. [Affected mentally & Psychologically, well-being, mood & my emotions]
    2. Differentiate fiat currency/crypto-currencies accumulation.
    3. There is no strong link between fundamental, news, & short-term price movement. Long-term approach & fundamentals is key.
    4. No trading.
    5. You learn about yourself, intensely & quickly. Slave to your emotions & feelings. Money, investing isn't the end all be all. Reaching certain financial goals, your mind does a trick where you want the next accomplishment on the hedonistic treadmill. In the same space. Focus on your own personal development & meaningful relationship, equivalently as you do with Cryptocurrency Investing. Cheers!

    Whoever put this to use, you're welcome.

  2. Great video Louis! I have a question. Let's say I were to find a coin and invest $10K. The coin sells for just pennies and so I end up with 200-700K shares. I don't want to trade it; I want to HODL it for at least a year in a hard wallet. I get lucky and it moonshots and is now worth $10USD/coin. How quickly will it be for me to get out of that position? Are we talking several days or even weeks of selling bits of it at a time? I have not seen you or anyone else I follow do a video on this. Thanks!

  3. why are there only 'thomas & friends' video suggestions (you know the blue train with the face). Am i the only on who sees this?

  4. Nice bits of info! Not quite sure why you're filming/talking outside with the wind and all tho.
    PS: I find it hilarious that all the recommended videos are of Thomas the Tank Engine. HAHA

  5. Oh yeah I totally identify with the part you said about attaining a certain amount of gains and then not really being satisfied and just wanting more.

  6. Your crypto advise is darn good. Ive used these strategies past 6 months, nice to hear from others saying it. Take little off the top occasionally secures confidence as an investor.

  7. Yes, sure…But…… what about $EDO @eidoo_io looks like a solid investment great vision and transparency, only 10M supply. Buy it before it goes to moon. $BTC $ETH $usdt $@XVGWhale $RPX

  8. Loved the 5th comment. For myself, I had a target of $x in Crypto and $y in fiat by the end of the year… And even despite the recent crash I now have 4 $x and 2 $y … And yet the recent crash still had me cursing 😁
    Maybe it's because now after the massive gains I can almost see retirement on the horizon…?

  9. Hi, first many thanks for the great work and efforts you are doing.. really appreciated. please Steve what you think about COSS exchange? is it better than KuCoin .. i highly appreciate if you have the time to make comparison in next video… thousands of thanks in advance .. 🙂 ..

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