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  2. you havent said nothing that the rest of the world already know…nice way to post useless content for your own income..but i suggest the comment section to read book cause we're wasting our time here

  3. How wicked we are to always fattening the big fish like Amazon while we allow others to close their business. Its about time we boycott these mega corporation and support mom and pop businesses.

  4. Hi Jeremy, can you do a video about the acceptable fundamentals in various industries? For example some industries tolerate higher than normal debt ratios (banks) or p/e ratios. Could you talk about the various industries where the general guideline (that's suggested in the Intelligent investor) does not really make sense?


  5. Hi Jeremy, I just learned that Robin Hood is U.S. ONLY?! 🙁 big dissapointment… do you know of any FREE/CHEAP INTERNATIONAL TRADING PLATFORMS?

  6. Hey this is probably a complete noob question… but what happens to the stock of a company if they are bought by a larger company?

    For instance if a small movie production business was purchased by Disney, would they become Disney stocks?

  7. Your financial advices only enrich yourself (YouTube related income). What you are doing here is immoral to the young audience that watches your videos.

    The best financial advice to put your money in Index Funds and let them grow over time. It won’t make anyone rich overnight but over a period of 15 to 20 years, your return on investment will beat 87% of any financial advisors like yourself (Vanguard study).


  8. Jeremy can you PLEASE do a video speaking of the company MARVELL (MRVL). I have been doing tons of research, as I stated in a previous video, I am newer to investing. I came across some info on this stock (MRVL) and began looking into it more. They purchased another chip-making company called CAVIUM (CAVM) for $6 Billion recently. While this deal was in the works, I picked up shares. I also had seen their past earnings reports and saw potential in this company. My research was correct and after the deal went through, the stock started climbing. Then the earnings report came out and they crushed numbers! The stock shot up the next day and thennn…. WENT DOWN. It has been slowing going down ever since. I base almost all my investing knowledge off what I have learned from you. What is the reasoning behind this? The company is expanding to be a competitor with the big dogs like Intel, and they crush numbers on the earnings report, why would stock price fall? I saw in an earlier video you said that big guns and hedge funds pull profits in December, is this the main reason? Should I hold my positions into the new year in hopes that January people will start investing again? If you could please take the time to either respond to this or add a segment into one of your videos it would be greatly appreciated!!!

  9. How about the re-escalation of the middle-east conflict?
    If Trump moves the embassy to Jerusalem and calls it Israel's capital, it's likely gonna create a lot of conflict in the Middle East.

  10. Just a heads up Jeremy, in the 11 part stock marking course video 5 isn't coming up for me (brand strength). I was able to get the audio ok though. Thought I'd let you know! 🙂

  11. Yea some interesting points in this video. It is true that Amazon and social media are disrupting everything but companies like these can be hard to put a value figure upon since we do not know how much growth is possible in these industries. I prefer to invest in stocks that are stable and understandable like Warren Buffet does, however I still have a massive interest in these areas.

  12. The military has shit we don’t even know of that will knock down any pathetic attempt by North Korea. Trump is begging them to fire off something.

  13. Here are a couple things missing from the video that I think are important to know if you plan  on investing in 2018. 

    1) Rising Interest Rates 
    2) Federal Reserve to reduce balance sheet 
    3) Midterm Elections 

    * another key point* 
    You mentioned the impact tax reform will have on the 2018 market. However, we need to keep in mind that if/when the tax bill makes it to the President's desk before the end of the year, it's crucial to know WHICH tax bill is being implemented. The options being: Senate Bill, House Bill, or combination of both. For instance, both the senate and house bill cut Corporate Tax Rates to 20%. HOWEVER, the 20% rate would not take effect until 2019 under the SENATE proposal. This is important information because it will indicate whether the market movement after the bill is passed is intrinsic or artificial (in the short term).

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