5 Tips For A Bitcoin/Crypto Bull Market

Is Bitcoin entering a bull run in 2019? It’s impossible to say with confidence but the market sentiment has definitely become bullish. Therefore, I’ve put together …


  1. I was putting spare money from my income into bitcoin when it was 4000, but I've stopped now that it jumped up to 8k+. I know I could be dollar cost averaging, but it feels harder to buy at more than double the previous price.

  2. Keeping it real Tom. Sound advice re: leverage as well. Dont gamble your entire fkn portfolio on leverage. Sure, daytrade a portion if you must, but there is so much manipulation you might as well stuff your stack in the whales asshole!

  3. So are you still bullish in quant stamp. I recently swapped qsp for vet as I think it might have a more compelling use case. I would have like to held on to some qsp but I feel that vet will be more able to be mass adopted. Who knows though. Anyway. Thanks for the great tips. My plan is to take a profit once I recoup my initial investment but I want to keep about 50% of my portfolio for the long term of 5+ years. Cheers from Los Angeles!

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