5 Tips to Not Get Murdered in Crypto Investments

I’ve learned a lot through my experience buying and investing in cryptocurrencies. Here are 5 things that I wish i knew and practiced when i first got started with …


  1. Mistakes do happen. We all should get mentors. I use the best guide for crypto currency traders Long term as well as day traders. A tool by Yordan and Morne Jacobs – students of world famous trade analyst Vladimir Ribokov from Traders Academy Club. Check this out now https://bit.ly/2JjjxrF

  2. I'm only 1:34 into the video and barely into the first tip. If only I had heeded this advice when I was a complete noob end of last year.I won't make that mistake again (assuming I can get out of the red at all). Sssssggggoooo!!!! #blastoff

  3. great tip always good to remind them, a little to late for me lol cause i get burned many times , but at least i bought in march so i avoided the mayor dump, i would like to know what do u think about elastos and the last news about being delisted of ku coin , do you think is a good project, and my last question, after bitcoin witch one if you favorite project from 1 to 50 rank? and wich one is your favorite from 50 to 1500 rank? , have a great day cheers

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