50 Crypto Trading & Investing Lessons From The Past 5 Years

In this episode, we’re looking at the top 50 crypto trading and investing lessons I’ve learned over the past 5 years. Read the full list here: …


  1. The best Lesson that I learned is to not put $3000 in to a market without knowing which cycle it's in..Thanks to you I know now. I lost $1500 out of $3000 I put in lol. I'm getting ready to put some in around 2020 when there will hopefully be an accumalation Phase 1..Thanks to you and listening and learning..I feel more confident in what I'm doing now.

  2. wo0w .. well down chris .. it was 1000$ worth advised you put free .. not i mean to pay cash as class but people have to pay this money by wrong trading going down and down to learn this things .. i love you !!

  3. This is by far the best crypto video I have watched. Thank you for sharing all your hard earned experience..

    My best lesson learned is that you have to take profit at some point.. Hodling does not work unless you can wait a few years..

  4. I agree on everything except day trading. In fact i've learned quite a lot from these tips that could be applied to day trading. Yes it is a hassle that requires an immense amount of discipline and will power but I see success in it and im determined to do it. Funny thing is a trader is a trader. Swing trading is nearly identical.

  5. patcha d
    1 minute ago (edited)
    Still best advice ever, DON'T over trade. It's okay to be skeptical and wait as well as sell early. I've recently gotten into trading but I've made a lot more money day trading crypto by setting my sell limits lower in my setups, implementing a lot more risk management. Just wish I would of watched your videos earlier. To bad half the people that watch this will go right back to doing everything you said not to DO! Some times you have to experience yourself just like you said, YOU will make every mistake in the book!

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