$692 into $5,000 one week forex trading

Forex Broker- Tradersway Yes only using them to flip an account that’s it Do not take their matching bonus!! Reason why I used them they offer 1:1000 leverage …


  1. Bro if you are really good consistent trader with low DD and good profit … Why don't you try out prop firms like FTMO , TCFUND,Blufx etc… You can get millions in total cap … Also you get back the evaluation fee … So

  2. Forget about ppl who say fake account or demo, they are doubters. No need to explain to them. Believe it or not. It's ur money. Can I do a zoom call with you. Need to learn your strategy pls,. I remembered the video u said u lost over 120k usd. It was an eye opener video for me. Suprised u still use traders way after that experience.

  3. I recently signed up with Tradersway and I have an mt4 ecn account. I'm experiencing very high spread in the 10's, 20's and 30's. Is this normal with tradersway? Their website said low spread like 1, 2 3, 4 and 5 pip spread.
    I haven't deposit any money yet just observing the spreads for now. Can someone give me some info?

  4. Plenty of people are great at showing what they have. And good for you for getting that bank. But very few people actually show how they did it. Makes it hard for new people to start trading.

  5. I support you bro. I've followed since about February when I first started live trading. You have made a stamp for forex traders ever since your video about the $20,000. Unfortunately I wasn't as knowledged about trading back then as I am now. I plan to be aggressive with. You inspire me. Keep being successful.

  6. correct me if im wrong but when you can link your account to myfxbook, you are making a video and showing pages from your statement. why?! why try so hard to prove your success and chose the hard way to do it when you can simply chose the easiest and safest way possible?! i cant help but be skeptical

  7. Hey Kou Lee just starting out doing research. Do you ever get a margin call or “blow up” from holding over night cuz I know at 2am US time if your negative you automatically get margin call. How to avoid this when swinging and what leverage to use any help thanks!

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