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  2. I actually took time to figure out the legitimate and I can tell everyone the kind of man you are, Sir Mason you’ve been honest from day one and finally I got my profits. @expert_masontrading WhatsApp: (601) 227-3847

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  9. Then the pair had been trading within a 300 pip range before forming this bearish pin bar. seeing from the chart below that the last bearish pin bar at resistance worked out beautifully. Next, looking at a bearish pin bar that occurred on the AUDUSD daily chart.
    Noted that in this setup, the pair retested a former resistance level, forming a bearish pin bar. In this case, our 50% limit order wasn’t triggered. Conventional entry: 110 pip stop loss, 350 pip target = 6.4% profit (3.2R) 50% entry: I have become more experienced after learning a system that works form Lukasz Wilhelm, who inspired ( The IQD momentum Strategy). You can take a look at it on google research.

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