A Different Take On Cryptocurrencies And Bitcoin

I’m not a hardcore crypto or Bitcoin guy, but this might just be the perspective you needed this whole time, but never got. Either way, enjoy the next 60 minutes.


  1. Ive just seen your video. I cant believe how we exactly had the same.perspective. thanks man, i knew i wasnt crazy.
    Real store of value? Precious metals.

  2. Does the crypto market have a group of controlling players analogous to the big banks? The big banks can do what they do because they have special information and the collective trading strength to move the market where they want it. Do major hodlers have this kind of power to manipulate market action on a daily basis?

  3. 49:19 Just a clarification. XRP's functionality is to provide liquidity in the Ripple Net network, which is a global payment network connecting existing financial institutions (and hopes to expand its operations). Thus XRP could be viewed like one of the "crypto" ways of betting that the current fiat currencies are not going to be overthrown by the radical cryptos, but instead are going to evolve and adapt to the current technological paradigms.

  4. You can do better than blind-guessing crypto, tho, IMHO. Most Bitcoin is now in the exchanges (edit: most crypto that isn't dormant or lost). Some is coming from the miners. These two have an interconnection. In order to be profitable, miners need price to go up. But they might also be interesting in squeezing competition, so they only want good and high prices when they want to sell their stuff. Thing is, it's getting pretty hard for them to influence price without the exchanges and the economic backing they offer. I don't claim to have the full picture tho so I'd be pleased if you could fill me in. ^^

  5. Peter Schiff is pretty funny. I think he's just decided to be "against" because it sells. In reality I think he's actually invested. Just listen to the guy laugh a little when he takes the piss outta Bitcoin. He obviously doesn't believe his own words lol.

  6. I got out at just over the 18000 mark. I just couldn't take it anymore. Then it tanked. By that time I had tripled my investment. You could say I had a good day. ^^

  7. I started in crypto and then found your channel about a year ago AND LOVE IT. NNF "Baseline theory" seems to be the only descent indicator I've found thus far in crypto.
    Question: ATR used in the same way as FX?

  8. I had 4-1/2 BTC when it hit that $20,000 high that I bought for around $2500. I had them in a private wallet. It was then I realized my wallet wouldn't sync with the network so I couldn't sell if I wanted to. And I wanted to.
    It took me about 2 weeks to finally regain control of my coins. Price had dropped to $15,000. I saw it drop and rise again so many times, I thought it would hit $22k next week. Seems like I blinked and it was $9K. I then got completely out but with only about 60% of what I could have made the day I unlocked them.
    Yeah, I made a lot. Could have been even better.

  9. This video was very personal to me as I made most of the mistakes you described and was stuck in those group mindsets. Hard not to when you buy bitcoin at $750 as first investment ever and it’s only going up. It took me half a year after it’s peak to realize it was actually falling…

    Last month I came back to trading and fell in love with it all over again. There is something magical in cracking this mathematical/psychological puzzle.

    I love your approach of coming up with a system and testing it. I’ve always been fond of math so it’s really exiting. After many days of thinking about it’s different aspects non- stop, I figured out the first version of mine, backtested it thoroughly and it seems amazing. We’ll see in a year what actual results it will yield.

    I’m very grateful for your work and shining awareness on the important aspects of this game. I’ve realized a lot of my mistakes and overall have a deeper understanding of trading. You’re just the person I was looking for – open minded and considering many different perspectives. The financial aspect of my life is changed for the better because of you and it’s probably gonna cause some fucked up butterfly effect.

    Thank you!

  10. Currency exchange + forex(cfd) + stocks + future/options contracts etc = crypto.

    The best thing about crypto is the existence of DEX, decentralised exchange. Meaning no stupid broker with spreads, swap, account getting freeze etc

  11. Chico Crypto is the best source in crypto I've found, can recommend. Thanks for your perspective man, been consuming your content all weekend. Really appreciate your work.

  12. If you can relate to the big banks on crypto; its not actually a whole lot different. if you ever noticed what those 'scam wicks' are doing on alot of the futures exchanges (like bitmex), people, essentially "Quants" or people with really important computers are able to calculate when a position hits the orderbook, how much leverage was used, and then can start figuring out most likely where that persons stop loss is. Theres probably more reasons in play here, but don't forget there are always bigger people looking to take advantage of you!

  13. I agree with your approach, but one thing to mention (and I know this first-hand because of my work), is that XRP or coins like it can be used as bridge currency between CBDCs. This way, goverments will not leave the money on the table because they will have their only digital currencies, but still use crypto to connect them. Private companies like R3, SAP, Accenture and of course, banks are all working on this together.

  14. I'm so much happy about your wonderful work on your videos i just subscribe to your channel,
    I'm a beginner and i lost money in the platform.
    I don't want to quit because quitters never win and winners never quit.
    Hello guys i need your advice what do you have to tell me i wanna make some money in trading..

  15. My best investment by far this year has been to improve my english in a consistent way every single day. It makes me do my second best investment: subscribing to your channel. Sir, you give informations i've seen nowhere in my native language. Or maybe I could get them but only if i bought expensive formations online, I guess… but why should I?

  16. Made more money trading crypto with your strategy… most other YouTube “traders” use scalping strategy…. really is the worst way to trade…. Trading a bitcoin trend is truly a but kicking experience… huge moves……🎄🎁ty VP for sharing your expertise !

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