A Moving Average Trading Strategy (That Actually Works)

You’ll LOVE today’s lesson because… I’m going to teach you a Moving Average trading strategy that I’ve been using for years (and no it’s not Moving Average …


  1. Greetings from India ! Rayner. Covid 19 has caused sudden and steep downfall in stock prices. And, 200 MA is the slowest average to reflect this downfall. Thus, any stock worth its intrinsic value is far below it's 200 days average. Covid 19 related downfall is now 50 days old in a country like India. Will 50 days average act as the true representation of a long term average instead of 200 days average?

  2. Hey raner
    What to do when price in our higher time (weekly) is above200 ma and in lower time (Daily time frame) the prices below 200 ma so what should we do ,shall we go long or short?
    Because I supposed to watch trend in (weekly time frame) and take the entry in (Daily time frame)

  3. Hi Rayner – have you backtested your strategy to specific instruments? Can you publish your results. Otherwise, i'll assume you just curve fitted to instruments that happened to fit that trend. Once the trend/market demand changes, could mess up your results and make it not credible.

  4. Since I joined Trading,I’ve learned a lot. I didn’t learn only from Lukasz Wilhelm and the moderators, but also from the people in the chat. the pre-market preparation with and the swing trade analysis . I’m glad I made the decision to join the IQD Momentum strategy team!

  5. I know it's an old video but maybe you'll see my question. You say use 50/200 "moving average". Would that be SMA or EMA or does it matter?
    And will that 50/200 work on the 2,3,5 and 10 minute charts as well? Intra day trading(Futures micro e-minis)

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