A Quiet UPTREND in This Crypto (Monero XMR Analysis)

A quiet uptrend in this crypto (Monero XMR analysis). In this video we examine the chart of one of the cryptocurrencies that has been in a strong uptrend this …


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  4. What do you think about the most famous pattern "Double bottom"? What do you think about altcoin as zcoin and other that if bitcoin will test its all time high, theese altcoin should test their all time high, in this case 50x? Possible?

  5. The fact u are pricing monero in usd instead of btc is mind blowing. Btc has 5x’d the past year and a half LOL so of course Monero went up. In reality the dude made a TERRIBLE TRADE and has lost btc making that trade

  6. I read the book you recommended and it sucked me in for hours. I must thank you for all the books you recommend, It's huge source of knowledge and a good way to stay level headed in volatile times. Thanks Alessio and keep up the good work 👏

  7. Is Fixed Time Trading real?? (Olymp Trade). I have been practicing on the demo account for 2 years now..There are lot of videos saying Fixed Time is just rip-off.. Please Alessio answer this question I need your voice on this… I have been watching your videos for years (old and new)thanks to that I have a better understanding of the market now. And thanks again for helping me learn about trading.

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