Absolutely Wild $20 Million Dollar Defi Crypto Fraud

On today’s episode of The O Show we discuss how to not get REKT trading risky projects Charts: #Bitcoin #BNB News: $20 Million Dollar Defi scam – how to …


  1. Tonight! Fighting from the left corner, iiiittttssss CryptoKickYourAssWendyO
    Fighting from the right corner, JohnShillerMcduffee
    WendyO has the upperhand as we can see from the 4 hour chart
    And her gloves are so huge they block half her body!
    Her new technique, the bull run will win it for her!!!!!

  2. Ya I been playing in tron DeFi I haven’t lost money but only because I farm sell and unstake often but it like a full time job and I have a little bit suck in SalmonSwap because of the random swap they did.

  3. One project can help prevent rug pulls – UniCrypt (UNC) allows token devs to lock liquidity on their token, and earn a trust score. The lock prevents rug pull, so investors can trust the token.

  4. Wendy, Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 is a territory of US, son legally they can do everything they would in the mainland, even arrest him. He is probably in Puerto Rico because there will probably be NO taxing crypto in Puerto Rico.

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