Adam B. Levine: Bitcoin & Crypto Currency Market Cap Nowhere Near 1996-2000 Technology Bubble

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed returning guest, Founder & Editor-In-Chief of the Let’s Talk Bitcoin Show and founder of the LTB Network & Tokenly…


  1. I wish there was one Bitcoin douche who held let's say $5M (1,000 BitCons) and sold them all at once, and tell us how smooth that goes. This entire market is like an illiquid penny stock, with giant "market-cap," and no ability whatsoever to liquidate that into real money without crashing the whole house of cards. Dumb tulip craze. Maybe a few lucky guys sneak out early and richer. Market cap = last trade (marginal trade) X outstanding units. It is DOES NOT mean that much fiat (the entire market cap) has been used to buy the asset. If the next Bitcon trades for $6,000, that single $6,000 trade jacks up the entire market cap by nearly 17%. Then that one marginal $6,000 bid-up trade just jacked the "market-cap" by $16,000,000,000? WTF, How does that make any sense? Tulip sense. Every $1000 move in Bitcoin represents $16B in increased market cap, do you all really think $16B is moving into Bitcoin to make it move $1000? A couple of buddies with a lot of BTC could wash-trade that increase upward in a weekend with nowhere near $16B at play. Idiotic.

  2. I call investing in ICO's investing in ideas. Just like if I got scammed on any other fundraising sites. I think it sucks, but scammers will be everywhere. If the company delivers on their promise I get money back from the ico tokens. This the crypto version of gofundme(with money back if the company succeeds) – Let's say you bet on 6 icos 1 companies BIG success pays for any scams in the 6.

  3. One point many of you are missing. Crypto is looked at in the same way pioneers sailed West to the new world. They were willing to take the risk because it was the only way to a better life. Today, the ruling class controls everything………. except Crypto. It's the last new world left the average people can sail to in order to get out from under the thumb of the aristocracy.

  4. %% PPT was the awesome token, I brought in the last two months.
    Simply astonishing return. Presently I'm going to put 10 ETH on paypie ICO. They have a very similar model to Populous, but they’re targeting the USA market. What do you think? Would you be able to survey them? %%

  5. Lol did you say West African Telit communications HAHAHA.. Telit communications is a london aim dodgy company, which has serious corporate governance issues and its potentially going straight to zero as the whole thing is hocus pocus.

  6. I own bitcoin but stop fooling yourself by calling it digital gold !!! It's not tangible and it's value CAN reduce to zero, unlike the yellow metal stuff.

  7. 45:30 oh gosh. haha. you know that had to get my attention! Everything is racist to the Western media, Ultra sensitive society. I have always felt that Bitcoin has been the most open community out there. No one cares what you look at. It is used everywhere. As long as you have Bitcoin, you can perform transactions anywhere. Sounds like the "LEAST" racist currency out there. haha. great vid. I like the economic diversity and critical thinking on this channel.

  8. ICO market shows that cryptos are speculation. The tech is not that expensive. It's an easy way to get rich.

    BTC cannot handle transaction volume to be a real currency. If the Central Banks or a Black Swan crashs the price, watch what happens when everyone heads for the exit at the same time.

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