Adam Meister and Richard Heart talk Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

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  1. Hey Richard, love your content, i have a question regarding your token, you said your token can utilize the computation power we spent in mining to do something useful. I'm not sure how this is going to work, and i think the energy we put in mining HAS to be USELESS and kinda 'Wasted' in order for the network to be secure.

    Here is my reasoning, suppose you have come up with a mining algorithm cost 100 $ per second in terms of energy and it also creates 100 $ of value in terms of the useful computation it does as the side effect of mining (100 is arbitrary, but i assume they are close because if the value created by the computing is too insignificant compare to the energy cost, it would not make much sense).

    And we know that the fear of wasting the energy cost is a big incentive for the miner to stay honest, because if they decide to cheat and get caught , all the energy he spent on mining would be wasted. But if he used your algorithm, even if he did not get the mining reward because he tried to cheat the system and get caught, he still can walk away with the useful result he get from the computation he did, and the more useful is the computation results, the less he is afraid of getting caught cheating.

    So the more useful is the mining algorithm, the less secure the network will be.

    And i like your animal analogy, animal will grow some useless feature to prove their fitness, but as soon as those feature found a practical way to help the animal survive, it loses the signal functionality to the female.

  2. @51:06 recap on what NOT to do with trading and why ETH is broken. Why TF is it so hard for people to spend a few dollars on half decent equipment. It is literally a real world problem. Streaming services should screen equipment…edit: jesus the lighting even….btw what are you using for a camera? Whats your bandwidth from ISP?

  3. @Richard Heart trying to use a Noam Chomsky reference on dealing with North Korea and completely gets it backwards! LOL, stick with computers, American foreign policy isn't your strength Richie!!!

  4. I don't know where you're getting your info about there only being 5 million wallets containing over $1. Right now there are exactly 22, 561,518 wallets holding at least a $1 worth of value. That's still nothing, especially when it's known that about 13 million of those wallets hold fewer than $8 worth of BTC. Retail is nowhere to be seen yet.

  5. Yeah, there are other benefits to keeping "T" up as the years pass: like making it easer to lose weight; high energy; excercise rcovery ease; mental alertness; etc….

  6. Richard – Why has Roger been crying about increasing the block sizes from 1 MB up to 4 – 10 MB (just like Satoshi said to do when needed) and now his mining pool hasnt done it yet??? Ask him direct?

  7. "If you buy or sell crypto on news, you are going to get wrecked." Too true, ask anyone who's been whipsawed trying to day trade crypto on news and its purported impact on fundamentals…

  8. Richard: you can deepen your voice by increasing your intake of l-arginine; also increasing your testosterone works as well 9it can be done naturally or artificially; yopur choice; btw: it starts droppiong for ALL males after the age of 30…)

  9. Funny how Richard Heart suggests that Ethereum is dying when he knows so little about it. I respect his insights on Bitcoin, because he understands it. But he spends no time understanding Ethereum – it's obvious in the simplistic comments he makes about it. Beware – cryptocurrencies are like RELIGION for these guys – they LOVE Bitcoin and believe that it can only be successful if the "competitors" FAIL. It's a silly, almost childish perspective of the world. Their savior is "Satoshi" – a man who is more myth than reality. Bitcoin is a relatively simple and unsophisticated blockchain that has now split and will continue to split (hard fork) as the Chinese miners do with it (SHA256) whatever they wish. We expect there to be no less than 4 competing "Bitcoins" a year from now. In the meantime tho, enjoy watching these guys talk Bitcoin, even if they know nothing about superior blockchain tech that is being created while they HODL.

  10. If ethereum is going to crash no matter what, why are you developing your token under ethereum? is just confusing how much you shit on it but then are using it? are you using it to get rich quickly with an ICO scam?

  11. I would take Richard's Hawaiian green jacket thingy over a thousand jerk off interviewers any day of the week lol

  12. thie meister guys is such a bitch…wah wah, everyone stop what theyre doing cause I cant live stream. the show is about richard not this pansy ass meister.

  13. If I took your condescending sage advice I would still be poor and enslaved in corporate america. All of you "smart people" were wrong. Stick to understanding the code and not giving investment advice. Just because a project is "fake" or you think it's fake because you've been thumping your BTC bible every Sunday doesn't mean you can't profit. The moral of the story is that you need to follow people who are making profits not people who are married to belief.

  14. Loved the Rocky comment re: Segwit. I ran into the same thing myself, and it also annoyed me. I did end up putting all my Ledger coins in Segwit, but not before downgrading the % I leave in Segwit, because I thought Trezor did a slightly better job (not great), so I left more there. While both support Segwit, it would be nice if it were more transparent, easier, and much less clunky. The way you said it, that it be just the same wallet, would be far superior. Why their programmers chose to go to wholly different wallets for Segwit coins & non-Segwit coins doesn't make any sense to me or you, but they did. They should just be two coin types in the same wallets! Oh well.

  15. Richard, BTC is supposed to be de-centralized yet the algorithm seems to be hijack by 'centralized' miners whose power can dictate directional maneuvering and what to mine. Can core developer have software to force miner to come in line otherwise bar them from the BTC community.

  16. so getting up at 3am with a thousand million thins in my head proved out to be a good thing. really enjoyed this. my thanks to all y'all. seriously neat stuff.

  17. "it's all fun and games till the music stops and people start searching for chairs…". great stuff. 
    i've emailed you a couple time with the title that says something like, "salutations, thanks, some questions, and some comment". i am not bitching because you haven't replied. you don't know me from adam. i am reaching out here because, if you write like you speak, i would serious appreciate a look at you book draft. thanks in advance. 

  18. i am really starting to get it…at least i think. the conversaation at 40:00ish re: retail value made me think about the metals market. i may be waaay off here, but i can't really walk into target with an ounce of gold and purchas $1300+ of whatever, yet owning that ounce of gold doesn't diminish its value. likewise, i cannot walk into raley's grocery store and buy milk with bitcoin. the difference is my gold at target = never. my bitcoin at raley's = not just yet.

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