Advanced Apex Legends Crypto Guide – Pro Tips for Crypto in Season 3

In my Apex Legends Crypto tips and tricks guide. I share an advanced pro tutorial on how to play Crypto in Season 3. I take this guide differently with a unique …


  1. Crypto deserves a mini rework imo. His ult is too powerful in design to balance him properly, but for solo play his whole kit is clumsy. Give him an ult where he throws his drone high into the air where it acts as a scanner beacon that opens and re opens doors and reveals everyone to everyone in the area (enemies see you you see enemies, leave the area and they sont see you but you dont see them). It can obvs be shot down as normal.

    Then give him a passive where he can hack doors or something to keep them locked and/or give the drone some distraction tools like gun sounds or making things happen in the environment.

  2. Just a cool feature I found out recently. Also, no where on the internet talks about this secret Crypto drone feature. Since I enjoy your videos so much because you put so much effort into providing in depth Apex content, I was curious if you knew that the drone is able to drop weapon attachments but not items from your inventory. Perhaps this is a bug or a foreshadowing of a buff to the drone being able to finally store items. I’ve seen real concepts on Instagram about this possible buff. I’m a die hard crypto main. Cheers!

  3. Meh.Shitty legend.His ult shouldnt damage him and his allies or at least he should be able to use it without his drone

  4. I don’t think mobility should be a deciding factor for a legend because only 3 legends have ultra or tactical that give them extra mobility, so your not a a big disadvantage if your legend doesn’t. Just have teammates that can shake mobility like Pathfinder, Wraith, or Octane.

  5. I love having all my things and camping behind something in a building and putting my drone in the corner above me and once its has a mark just pop out quick and shoot them down. Good camping tactic for me

  6. gotta admit crypto does need a buff because compare to others his ability and stuff works pretty slow what i reckon he needs is to be able to make the drone follow him watching his back
    so first press on tactical drop the drone behind him and second press would go into drone view and controlling it and maybe as a part of his passive i reckon he shouldn't be spotted by other crypto drones just like how caustic doesn't get toxicated
    best tip i have for solo crypto
    : find a smart corner or place even like hidig in bush with a sniper
    scout with drone quickly swich back and shoot the enemy
    crypto is twice better if you know the map better

  7. Make sure your squad has eyes on an enemy team. I've had moments when enemy squads drop their shields at the sight of my drone even when I don't actually have my EMP ready. Players with no shields are easy pickings for your teammates.

  8. When I play crypto I play wit a Caustic so Caustic can put down his traps so I can be alerted when my teammate tells me that someone has activated the traps so I can be on alert

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  10. The biggest question I have is if the skin at the beginning is an alternate skin coming to the game or if it's just one of the skins recolored.

  11. When you kill a player and have to move on to continue the fight, placing the drone near their banner. This can help you stop a sneaky player from snagging it and dipping.

  12. Wait, moving domeshields?

    As a sidenote, what unlockable character is best when learning the game with garbage aim, when you do want to contribute to a team?

  13. Dont forget the EMP goes through walls as well. I like to place it on a higher floor of a building or below bridge sometimes.So many ppl fly the drone strait at ppl but you dont half to see them to hit them. It also keeps the drone safe so you can pop it while you are pushing. Everyone that i see play him always flies it into the room with the ppl when being a on the roof is just as effective.

  14. I got a couple questions about the banners showing how many enemy teams are nearby.
    Is the 200m range from the drone, or from Crypto? I had a situation where my drone was near it's max range and I could see an enemy fairly close but the banner nearby said there were no teams in range.
    Does the entire team need to be in range, or will one person in range count?

    Note: I have seen the banner number change without leaving my drone. I didn't actually see it change, I looked at a banner and it said 1 team nearby, I spun the done around to look for them and when I saw the banner again it said 0 teams nearby, all without ever leaving my drone.

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