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  1. I will keep my focus on cryptocurrencies like bitcoin because the government doesn't control it completely and it's more profitable when you trade with a reliable strategy. Just recently bitcoin's price has gone from its Low of $8,000 to about $9,600. Making it the perfect time to invest and make profits while others are still making speculations. The Real-life traders know that bitcoin is right on track to incur a price rally after the complete halving. And this will spike a massive pump similar to the ones seen in years past. So, for now, it's a bit risky to Hodl bitcoin and more advisable to trade what you have with a reliable strategy that yields profit even when the market is unstable. The high majority of smart investors trade daily with the help of Morris Pierce strategy, a crypto expert by all qualifications which have been confirmed to be one of the best signal providers in the crypto space. When I started trading daily with his strategy I made a 300% profit from 2 btc to 9.5 btc in just 2 weeks. I strongly recommend Morris pierce’s strategy if you trade or hodl bitcoin. and you can reach him directly on Telegram: @MorrisPierce for a better bitcoin trading insight.

  2. We all know with time all coins will 10X but the fact still remains that not trading won't increase your Crypto. As for me Thomas Hubert helps me increase my Crypto massively trading with him.

    TRADE WITH CRYPTO-INTEREST COMPANY  They claim to be a company based in
    Dubai.  The certificate posted on their
    site is fraudulent.  They are not located
    in Dubai.  All of their communications to
    ‘clients” are through WhatsApp. Their customer service is a front for their theft.  They will steal your funds.  They are a complete scam and fraud.  At the end of your trade, they will lie to
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  4. Hey man I just wanted to say thank you!! I’ve jumped into the crypto space about 3 months ago when it fell and strictly put my money in large cap coins. After seeing some growth I was happy but I was missing out HUGE on this mini alt coin season. Since watching your channel and educating myself hours a day on how this market works and from your channel , I have grown my portfolio from 6250$ all the way to 11,250! Literally in just two and half weeks. There is seriously so many more paragraphs I can write about how you’ve helped open my eyes but simply put …. man thank you !!!!

  5. Bitcoin has seen some generally lackluster price action throughout the past several days and weeks, struggling to garner any decisive momentum as it hovers towards $10,000 region against the US dollars. As a trader it is much advised we take full advantage of the market ahead of the major bull run by trading and growing a very strong portfolio, this i have been doing since the last bear market with Richard Donald's strategy and daily signals which has proven to be very effective, accurate and profitable. Last month i was able to grow a total of 6.9btc having traded with my initial 0.8btc with Richard's daily signals which you would agree is a very good profit. My advise is for everyone to make use of such signals so as to grow a very strong portfolio, Richard can be reach via Whatspp: +447380357172 and Telgram @ Richard_signals for inquiries into profitable trading systems.

  6. Question on buying strategy: for small cap crypto, how much max would you put your money into? For big coin such as btc, you can put in millions and that’s not a problem but what about small cap 10M~100M market cap?

  7. The one I have been researching is Dent & this low cap is going strong in the real world. Used by millions & recent partners including Samsung & Giesecke+Devrient mobile security.

  8. Chris, are you saying it's better to "always" sell when you have profits, "regardless" of the coin? I'm sitting on a 70% gain in Vechain, 30% Ziliqua & 30% in Chainlink & Enjin coin. I was planning on long term holds for all of these, ideas?
    Vechain will correct at some point, but most lijely not down to the level I bought it at, especially when the bull market is here?

  9. Anybody out here got storm altcoin taken from there Bittrex account? I still haven't had any response but it is not listed anymore…Look for a upcoming altcoin TRAC similar as Vechain but in Europe and America😀 Always follow a negative with a positive👍

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