Altcoin Sell-Off!? Time to BUY Bitcoin? Analyst Who Called 84% Drop Hints “YES!”

Altcoins continue to sell off. Is now the time to buy #Bitcoin? Analyst who predicted $BTC’s 84% drop hints “yes.” Whales accumulating and moving massive …


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  3. I do think that FB coin, JP Morgan coin and Samsung coin, etc… will help increase Bitcoin and Crypto adoption in general. They will never compete with BTC of course. Thanks again

  4. Never liked holding alts. Recently im 100% bitcoin since tether fud. I figure if u believe in blockchain then u have to go w the godfather of it. Love a nano!!

  5. I'm planning my big buy around the end of the summer, when the dust will have settled. I't's too risky to buy right now, especially alt coins. Eternal down trend, no sign of reversal. They might rebound but it will be a long time before they can gain momentum.

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