ALTCOINS DOOMED? Stimulus negotiations "called off" until after election

We’ve been looking forward to the announcement of stimulus for…. ever at this point. Sadly those hopes have been dashed once and for all until after the …


  1. 1)Kucoin hack
    2)Bitmex arrests by FBI
    3)Trump Corona diagnosis
    4)Trump ruling out stimulus until after elections
    5)Uk FCA ruling against derivatives
    All of this in the space of one week, knocks a couple of £100 of BTC price but apart from that it has been stable. Ultimately it is too late the cat is out of the bag, they can scare the Normies as much as they want, major institutions are changing their stance on crypto. BNP paribas has just incorporated ERC 1400 tokens in their securities. The mixed messages being sent are designed to disorientate and lack clarity. Also the ban is only on certain products, ones which could impact the banking sector. Trading crypto will continue, like I said its to late to put the cork back on the bottle. Hyper inflation is on its way to the USA they have printed 9 Trillion dollars this year alone, this is not sustainable, in times like this people realise that the shit is about to hit the fan and are stocking up on Crypto and precious metals. This will end badly for allot of normies, who are reliant on traditional mechanisms of making money.

  2. Although I've never been tempted to try leveraged trading, I find the rationale for UK's decision to be extremely condescending and pompous. On a brighter note, thanks for sharing your Alts trading strategy over the short term.

  3. The U.S. will have a Social Credit System
    or China’s SCS will suck us in…
    Can a decentralized blockchain do the job so social credit is not via Facebook, google, apple

  4. I'm 200% from freedom but leverage trading should be ban from all markets. Nobody should be allowed to gamble with money they don't have. Other point since liquidations also impact the price it is not anymore a price set by sells and buys which should be the only criteria to establish an ASSET price. If people want to gamble they can go to a casino, play lottery……….. so many ways to gamble with your OWN money.

  5. Leverage trading should absolutely be available in my humble opinion. Haven't heard a good argument why it shouldn't be. MetaMask swaps is brilliant. Very excited about testing that out.

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