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  5. Can some explain if he had a 2000 balance what contract size was he using? I know it’s 10x, so is he using 20000 contracts or is he using 200 contracts at 10x leverage?

  6. Omg watched this video and I think it has clicked in my brain and I’m actually getting it 👏Thankyou 🙏
    Also do think this strat would work on gold or forex.

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  8. For future reference in math, just to make it easier on yourself, when adding and subtracting with percentages its just significantly easier to keep track of the numbers if you just use decimal points. For example if you wanted to add 5% to what your starting balance is, just put this in your calculator: (Balance number) x 1.05 = Balance with 5% added. If you wanted to subtract 5% just go 5 in the opposite direction such as (Balance number) x 0.95 = Balance with 5% subtracted. That way not only do you reduce your operation steps by about 3 but you dont have to remember numbers in the process. Hope this helps!

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