AMD CEO Lisa Su: Our Long-Term Strategy Is Paying Off | CNBC

Lisa Su, Advance Micro Devices CEO discusses the company’s big quarterly beat; growth in gaming; her outlook on blockchain, and strategy to beat the …


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  2. The two who interviewed AMD CEO acted like they are executioners in the video trying to show off they are superior. Both of you are not. I repeat you are not. Stop that and get proper and accurate facts for viewers like us.

  3. I love this being on YouTube since Ethereum now is a greater gamble. It's hard to predict if she was right at that time, but going the conservative route was not a bad idea at all. AMD also doesn't have the resources that other companies do, so it would have been hard to pull off as a side project.

    AMD was and is still climbing from rock bottom, and there's a chance that chasing Ethereum could have affected their chances with the game console makers, where AMD is a market leader for their main SoC

  4. If any woman deserve the title of Wonderwoman, its def Lisa Su. Shes fighting against 2 villains; Intel and Nvidia on 2 fronts with a small warchest of funding with small team with an underdog company. She follow through with the plan which I don't think any other CEO has the testis to even do, to bring AMD from Tartarus up to Olympus. hoping this will force all companies to compete against each other again so that we the consumers too can all prosper with the 3 major companies.

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