Ark Invest Says Bitcoin Will Hit $500,000! Is Bitcoin A Good Investment Now?

Cathie Wood, from Ark Invest, just said she thinks Bitcoin could hit $400000 to $500000! This is right after Citibank leaked a report that they think it will hit …


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  3. Averaging it out for mathematical expedience, and for communicative eloquence…

    2008 .01
    2010 .10
    2012 1.00
    2014 10.00
    2016 100.00
    2018 1000.00
    2020 10,000.00

    #Bitcoin  has tenx'd every two years thus far, and at that rate, if it continues, where will it be by 2030?

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  7. Last time Bitcoin was up to 20k, people were saying it was going to run up to 100k in the following year, then it went to about 3k. I prefer sticking to stocks, it's a bit more rational.

    Also, perfect video for tons of spam comments! lol

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