1. Holding 986 shares will continue to buy more as money permits. started buying way back at $38 per share wish I had never thought to buy and sell this stock should have consistently held. For awhile I was always on the wrong side of the trade. Not anymore not since I stoped guessing and stopped selling.
    Have been solid hold from $450 and up. There is no doubt in my mind we will see $1200 by years end could care less if cash burn forces them to issue more stocks that would be GREAT. MORE FACTORIES, MORE SOLAR PANELS, MORE SUPER CHARGERS, MORE MODELS COMING OUT, MORE MORE MORE ITS A STEAM TRAIN ALL WOUND UP READY TO RUN AND RUN HARD ,!,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anyone who that can build a factory during the year of Covid come out swinging and yet again started breaking ground on another factory in Germany.
    Who are you kidding. This company is unstoppable ! $1200 should be easy if we make the SP 500 well then $2000per share should be expected. Go Elon go !

  2. Cathie Woods has a right to gloat when you watched this now particularly on the topic of Tesla. She will not. She is smart , classy and humble. And the two luddites will be left in the dustbin of history for focusing on corporate governance as oppose to technology.

  3. Two interviewers who talk too much and listen too little. At (8:05), she gets only 5 words into her answer before being interrupted, and that was right after the interviewers had talked for 23 seconds. Shut up, listen and quit suggesting answers and attempting to finish the guest's sentences.

  4. Sounds good in theory, and yes stock will go up and down.
    Will be surprised though if she ever gets a chance to rebuy it cheaper than what she sold it at. Love Cathie but JMO.

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