As Bitcoin Goes Bust, One Classic Market Signal Is Pointing To More Pain | Trading Nation | CNBC

Bitcoin futures have entered into a contango market, a development which may suggest further agony lies ahead for the cryptocurrency. » Subscribe to CNBC: …


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  2. It's funny how all the bitcoin "'Moon Boys" and Maximalist were saying it was the time to buy at 19k because it was going to a million. But every thing is an excuse for why this market is dropping. All the hope and hype must leave this market before a real bottom develops. Bitcoin is only as valuable as it is fashionable or trendy. Thats not and asset. All these crypto millennial geniuses seem to know nothing about behavioral economics and or, the motivations of traders/investors alike. IDGF about what it "CAN DO" or, how it COULD change the You kids act as if it's some magic potion that will "SAVE THE WORLD" from the evil bankers..LOL They've pumped some good smoke up yours if your all in like that from the retail side wow! People want real returns on their investment and when they don't get one the move to OTHER ASSESTS!! Whether your in ASIA, EUROPE, AMERICA, THE MOON you want something in return. So, until bitcoin shows viability and there's still better opportunity to short, it's going down! don't get mad LEARN!

  3. Lol, the $ has no advertisements too, so thats not a problem. Miners take less profits than banks so that is not a problem too. Crypto will be the new currency, it can take a week or 100 years, but it will be the new money. No doubt about that! CNBC watchers don't step in, its a scam, lol.

  4. More FUD , from mainstream media – just another wing of the manipulators trying to wear your resolve so you sell…i think most of the people who could be shaken have sold prepared to be patient , Bitcoin will bounce back even higher, likely before years end..i bought more while its low..if it dropa more i will buy more and so will many others

  5. The only one hyping bitcoin are those that own them. It benefit them to have people buy bitcoin even if it is crashing. Investors will give you bad advise so they can safe their investment.

  6. Its funny millenials say older people dont understand bitcoin. Only thing most millenials understand about bitcoin is if you invest 1000 dollars soon you can buy a lambo. Bitcoin is a pyramid which always needs new people coming in. the whole world knows about bitcoin now. Theres no new money coming in unless aliens start investing. Forget about wall street big money. Bitcoin will drop to 1000 within a year. And then it could collapse completely unless mining becomes cheap again. The current financial system is based on economic growth and production. Bitcoin is base on speculation.

  7. Has anyone entertained the thought that cryptocurrency prices are falling not because of anything to do with the cryptocurrency market itself, but because investors have a pessimistic outlook of the entire market themselves? Or does everyone assume that the stock market began its decline not a month later and this is of no significance? Now, look at the narrative of the market. That it is a state of disarray fueled by "tariff concerns." These narratives offer zero insight into the real movers of markets.

    Why do they not talk of interest rates and the history of low interest rates, which propelled this market into a "bull run," and which were done so with the intention of "having two hamburgers today for one tomorrow," as former Fed President of Dallas famously said? Why do they not talk of the massive balance sheet, which finally, has started to undwind (because you cannot run up debt and deficits ad infinitum)?

  8. Just you guys wait. When bitcoin sees all time highs the media will scream buy. When it is at its lows, they scream sell. It's going to crash. Warren Buffet says crypto won't last. You will see the same thing in the coming years when bitcoin is up again.

  9. Question time: How many ads did bitcoin buy? Answer time, None. Those ads are for ICOS which need them to survive. Bitcoin does not. With the improvements coming to bitcoin in the form of the Lightning Network, young people frankly since they have the time to learn about what bitcoin actually is, will just have to wait it out. Baby Boomers don't have 10 years so why would they look into the future. A future where I could choose to buy with bitcoin over fiat money like the dollar. $1000 in 1975 < $1000 in 2018 but 100 BTC in 2010 = 100 BTC in 2018.

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