1. Aren't the data and statistics behind this kind of analysis also based on regulated markets with defined open/close, with circuit breakers, and where you can get in tremendous legal trouble for not playing by the rules? I hear what you're saying about it being based in psychology, but all the bull flags, and golden crosses, and head and shoulders, etc., … the statistical probabilities of rises/falls based on historical performance is all taken from a completely different beast. Regulated markets are kind of rigged to follow those technicals to some extent.

  2. Change your consumption eliminate sugar and consume nutrient dense foods, in doing so that chart will show a crash that takes you to a new faze.
    Rule of life, you become what you consume, mind, body and spirit. You either nourish or pollute yourself through your choices.
    Best wishes for a new chart pattern, this chart pattern is with in your control.

  3. Just saw other channel where he said a lot of people in China are buying tether. It's a way for them to flee into the dollar.
    Also, it's a chicken and egg thing. Was tether printed to pump the market or was more tether required because the markets and exchanges are growing?

    Anyway, as mentioned before. Markets and reality are not correlated anymore. We got mostly the Fed and a few other big players deciding what will happen.
    And I don't think they will crash the market yet before the election.

  4. I lost 30 lbs in 2 months by going on a low carb diet without having to work out. It was simple. Stop eating bread (grains) and that includes pasta. Do that for 2 months and you will notice a weight loss. Follow it up by not eating potatoes (including chips) and you will lose more weight. Eat as much protein (meat) as you like. The trick is to get a couple of low carb cookbooks because you need to prepare your own meals. It is cheaper and more nutritious than trying to buy prepackaged food. Cookbooks by Dana Carpender are quite good and cooking is a lot of fun. It will get you away from your computer and your wife can participate. Stick to the cookbooks which has a few hundreds recipes and you won't cheat.

  5. Really strange you are taking about doing TA on your weight rn, I literally came to have the same thoughts except for the weight I lift for strength training. Just about a week ago I was talking to my theory on TAing my training program to have the most optimal wrest by wresting more and having average intensity workouts (accumulation) before I slowly build up to my peak where I decrease my days off and hit heavier weights each day with very low reps until I hit a weight I fail with and then gradually back off and then start the cycle all over again. Really good point you made with this example, I’ve never heard anyone talk about this before on YouTube.

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