Aurora woman loses $250K to online dating scam; FBI shares red flags

An Aurora woman was swept off her feet and then taken to the cleaners, losing $250000. She thought she was falling in love but instead, was betrayed.


  1. Scammers deserve to be stripped naked and beaten up and then jailed for life without parole . Better still , hang them till death in public .

  2. small amounts $ 2000..3000 are you serious….. scammed…take some responsibility for your actions……you dont seem stupid & sorry this happened to you pls be smarter next time & there will be a next time

  3. SOL Networks Ltd aka Asia Dating site gets attention of FBI, Dr. Phil Show. And Interpol. Accusations of companies employees scamming Chinese women out of vast amounts of money ready to seek international indictments in Malta

  4. The irony of this comment section is all the testimonials claiming they’ve been through it, telling people to contact some random email for help which is likely another scam 😂

  5. She got money, that's why she got scammed, if you are stupid enough to send money to a Pearson that you never see and meat in pearson then be stupid and send money

  6. Why is this happening? This is what love has been resorted to??
    They wanted to silence me for what reason??
    They thought I was an easy target because I was a widow??
    Errrrgghhhh WRONG.
    I have to trust someone they said.. jeez I wonder why I didn't.

  7. The dating sites need to check every new member’s pictures. If the pictures are already posted elsewhere by someone else, the new member’s application needs to be cancelled, period.

  8. Romance scammers tend to have their formula that continues to fool unsuspecting victim into handling down their money, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars with online romance scams. I was involved with someone i met on facebook for almost a year before trouble hit. i watched your video and saw my whole romance scam replay before my eyes. it was embarrassing and devastating but there was a slight twist to my story. if you have been a victim to romance scammers, gather all the evidence and information involved and seek assistance with David@La-acfe. com certified government officials that offers a list of investigation and restitution services for free including counseling that can assist you at this difficult time.

  9. I still feel heart broken writing this. I was manipulated and conned by a scammer I met on tinder. I still don’t understand how he got me to send him $880,000. I still feel really dumb. I am here to share to everyone that reads this that the world did not end for me as I was introduced to recoverywealthnow360 on google mail . These guys recovered all my money lost to this scammer and also assisted the authorities in prosecuting the scammer. Justice was done. Don’t give up if you have been in my situation contact them now and get not only your money back but also justice.

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  11. Sorry, but I don't have a whole lot of sympathy for gullible people, like this. They only complicate the process for people who legitimately need to send money to their families via third party agencies, especially abroad.

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