1. Just last Saturday I had a guy impersonating YOU to have me buy bitcoin to invest in a bitcoin mining machine thru IG , I lost $350 he wanted $1000, thank God I didn’t do that… argghhh just pisses me off that I fell for it! #1 I was amazed “you” were dm-ing “me”…

  2. It's nice that you make yearly a video to remind people to be careful of scams or other dangerous things that exist in the crypto community. 👍

  3. This whole market is a scam. Do people really think they'll be millionaires from this? I mean seriously people can't be that gullible.

    Xrp will never surpass $20. So anyone with 10k shares will stand to make 200k. Which is still unheard-of and nice profits.

    People need to slow up on the millionaire talk. Its all just one big pipedream!

  4. phishing scams seem most common. I get an email from some big exchange that says I have to update my settings or I will lose my account. Just click on the link. Yeah ok… only after you send me $1000 to my address and I will send you $100000, because I am a Kenyan prince that just needs enough funds to blah, blah, blah.

  5. we are living in the worst time .. little ladies …young girls .. are total liars scammers and worst ….. the average person is evil ..not love anymore ….

  6. FatBoy crypto you are the scammer here! You work for scammers and promote scams on you channel 🤥🤥🤥 you are even worse cause you know you ate fake!

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