Bakkt Explained | Bitcoin Futures

What is Bakkt? Is Bakkt better than a Bitcoin ETF? What Are Bakkt’s Bitcoin Futures? In this video, we address the questions above and dive into further detail …


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  2. Don't understand the BTC Hype besides being first adopters. If you want to call a coin that is ran by a communist country by 4-5 miners at 51% that is prone to a attack, destroys the earth with it's pollution, consumes as much power as the city of New York is that something your company wants to stand behind? A coin that has no use case, no liquidity, you have no idea who owns the coin or really where it even came from! It's a dam useless slug that can't scale, people will see that the first time they try to buy a coffee at Starbucks and they stand there for God knows how long waiting for a cold cup of coffee. There's coins out here that can do 100x more then BTC with real use case and a dozen partnerships and won't destroy the environment any more then it already is! Then it has a LTC fork that nobody has been working on for a year and it's Lightning Network, you can check Gethub for that info! Just blows my mind smart , rich people sure can't buy you common sense! And they say it's decentralized being run by China and a few miners? That's what your going to put the name BAKKT on?? I'm sure you already have plans on how to use people with this mess and wind up in the same mess as your parent company. Pay the fines and back to business as usual, screwing the little people out of their money and have the clan of rich just keep on getting richer. This was all the hype?! Coins worth a penny can outperform that $10k coin as I speak. Make this space fair. Legit and honest, listen to the customers and you'll be loved. Good Luck

  3. Can someone explain. If there’s 17.5M mined BTC and 5M lost or stolen. So 12.5M available coins. Some people own thousands. Others dozens. Most even here on Youtube own close to a whole bitcoin. I know a large single financial institution that holds almost 500k coins.

    There’s not enough. Not even close when you consider Asia. How does this not utterly explode? How?

  4. thats good, you need real life adoption to get money into the cryptomarket. and this solves the problem of bitcoin's slowness, which was an impediment to real life adoption (i dont wanna wait minutes in a store waiting for the transaction to complete)

  5. Bakkt's parent company ICE (Intercontinental stock exchange) was founded in 2000 by Jeffrey Sprecher. ICE was founded and backed by JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Barclays, UBC etc. All the top banks in the world that basically have a monopoly over every market and sector. In 2014 ICE purchased Israeli superderivates company for $350 million. Given their background I don't think they operate businesses to further the cause of humanity/the average person. It's all about staying in control and maintaining their monopolies.

  6. so if i have an ETF delivered to my house how can i buy a coffee with that,also if my wallets in a bank safe it means i got to get out, and finally buy the time ive logged in and transfered my bit coin address my coffees gone cold,it has to be easier than paying cash or with credit card otherwise adoptions goona take along time i think,be free to put me right because at the moment i cant buy nothing with btc apart from another btc

  7. According to a Bitcoin investor, Tom Lee Bitcoin is slated to reach almost $25,000 by the end of 2018. He further thinks that it will rise to $125,000 by 2022. These numbers are quite bullish. According to a report by *Fundstrat Global Advisors, the recovery in Bitcoin will be pretty fierce as well. Also, most of the experts believe that by October, there will be a complete recovery. After that, Bitcoin will again be able to head to newer highs as well. These the reason why many investors think that it will be able to hit new highs consistently during the 2nd half of the year. We can’t wait for the market to be Bullish again before making a profit. I sought for ways to make a profit and found out about Jude Ellis an expert who has helped develop my skills and also grow my Portfolio from 2Btc to 8Btc in less than two months. You can reach him for the best ways to make a profit in the bearish market **Mail/skype: **Judeellis20@gmail. Com

  8. It's not just BAKKT, it's Fidelity, TDAmeritrade, HODLIT, and soon enough the ETF's… HODLIT will allow people to buy cryptos by rounding up on their daily purchases… Imagine a million or more people just buying cryptos everyday not caring about the bull or bear just accumulating all the time… The up pressure on the price from that alone will be huge!

  9. It’s so tied to corporate interests. Name sound stolen from sci if movies depicting the future. Sounds like the digital one world currency denounced by conspiracy theorists.

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