Banking on Bitcoin

An ideological battle is underway between fringe utopists and mainstream capitalism. Banking on Bitcoin takes a look at what this revolutionary technology is …


  1. " explain to me like a 5 yrs old .." fixed number of bitcoin created – can be diluted as market needs (which is not unlike the fed reserve printing more money..) the original purveyors that have made millions….( does it this mean they traded their crypto for greenbacks? kind of defeating the premise>?) – the only advantage to the ordinary joe – earning 65K / yr is what – no banking fees? i mean i still need to pay for food, shelter and transportation…I will still be paid with currency – a currency….my wages and earnings are still market driven…I guess the market can not crash in the web….immunity for global forces that might effect commerce – but lets move forward – we are still using petroleum, someone needs to pay for extract, transport, process, distribution – and when things effect this sector – it will still have the same affects in the market….right..? the blockchain is just a giant federal reserve that can dilute as needed ? and lets move to where greens are not used any longer – there will be a market exchange because there must be – someone needs to lend money to businesses to do work and produce – that means there will be a loan with interest and something will most likely regulate that ….so bankers are still in the picture……I am certain I am missing the entire project…

  2. it is the BANKSTERS END GAME…….watch and you will see the tightness of the whip lashes when they delete your account because you were POLITICALLY INCORRECT on your social media posts !!!!!!!!!!!

  3. A non tangible asset, highly volitile, and being traded on highly manipulated, unregulated markets, with zero consumer protection and the ability for governments to block banks from doing business with these exchange companies….. Yeah, I'm gonna bet on that…Cryptos are a pyramid scheme. Full stop.


  5. Crony capitalism? ya well uh it's the name of the game in BS capitalism and if you don't like it too bad. Who went to jail for the 2008 crash? yep that's right NOBODY in fact the FED was 1000% ok with reinflating the same crap to do it all again at some later date because the big problems that made the problem were completely ignored. YAY maybe next time it won't crash and next time when you lost 90% of your savings the government will bail you out instead of the people that made the crash ya…. that'll happen so keep all the wealth you have or most of it in the wheel of fortune called wall street. They don't tell you this but only five percent actually make money in the stock market the rest lose.

  6. What a propaganda piece. Those poor kids in the school and the clueless teacher: Money is a medium of exchange. Period. You ought to learn what THAT means…

    Then at 3:35 — you lying, ignorant asshole, Paul Vigna, who publishes B.S. through the Wall Street Journal/Fake News: The "trusted third party" is only supposed to hold precious metals on deposit to back and represent the notes that are printed. Legit banking does NOT have a "central issuer" who determines the value of money. Money is NOT "an accounting system" divied up for "groceries", "gas", "food". Men aren't supposed to "guard its value" or determine its worth or just print it at will. Real money is based upon an objective value — not what anyone wants to determine it to be at any given moment.

    A dollar was supposed to represent 1/34th Troy once of gold; a $1 note is a promise to pay that amount, which is held on deposit in a bank, to the bearer of the note. THAT is what a note represents — a debit, the banks debit to the depositor. The bank cannot just print more currency than is represented by the amount of gold or silver on deposit, nor can credit be created unless the gold is there to lend. If it does, than it is fiat currency, and its value is subject to the "trusted third parties" whim and to constant devaluation as it is counterfeited by the bankers.

    Any other banking or monetary system is a SCAM, designed to loot people's wealth BY THE MEN WHO SAY THEY GUARD ITS VALUE, which is a system based upon counterfeiting by creating "money" or credit out of thin air — by printing whatever amount of paper or credit THE BANKER says they want to "stimulate" the economy. Honest counterfeiters don't tell lies about trying to "help" the economy by making more currency available, they do it for one real reason: to steal.

    Central banks are criminal organizations, set up to loot a nation's wealth and rip off the ignorant fools who deposit their earnings and retirement accounts into it. Every single monetary transaction is skimmed by the bankers — they take a piece of every exchange and have their fingers in every pie.

    You want to change anything related to corrupt financial markets or fiscal policy — STOP using them, stop giving your money to them to hold or handle, and stop falling for infantile pyramid scams like "BitCoin", etc.

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