BATT Episode 45: Bitcoin & Altcoin Trading Talk

Sharpen your mind up for a little of the old ultra-analysis with your favorite cast of droogs: Brian Beamish from The Rational Investor, Alex Sterk from Blocktalk, …


  1. Great videos, you guys are really knowledgeable and helpful. I've been following bitcoin and cryptocurrency loosely for several years. Recently, I have became obsessed with it. There's so much information out there that it is overwhelming.

    I have a few questions and was hoping you guys or someone could point me in the right direction. Are there any currency trading books I should read before diving in? I'm assuming the chart reading techniques and principals are similar.

    Also I want to understand what leads to one cryptocurrency taking off and becoming more stable as opposed to the ones that just fall off over time. There a book, video, or website that would explain that?

    Thanks for everything guys. I've been using Coinigy for a few days now and it's really awesome!

  2. Really good show, thank you!

    I learned to trade in the year 2016 with Bitcoin aswell and was more or less succesful on Kraken and Poloniex.
    Later that year I started to trade also with another crypto currencies and learned a lot, the most important thing is to get early the right signals from the marcet and to react fast, but at the end it is always a thing about how much emotions influence you.
    Than thanks god a professional trader suggested me a company which are working together with 6 of the most proffesional Crypto-Currencie Trader worldwide. You can invest into this company and you get back till to 29,7% a month and later (planed around April) they will publish an app for all kind of OS and offer schoolings to every investor and partner. Looking fortwarth to learn a lot from this outstanding company while they work with my invested money.

    I can really recommend this offer to everybody out there, if you have some questions feel free to ask me at anytime over the contact field. Take a look -> and keep the trade! =)

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