1. If you ask me Ethereum is much more interesting than Bitcoin. Like you say Bitcoin is "just" a currency by popularity (and first mover advantage), and at this point it is actually old tech and can be replaced if a large percentage of users decide that there is a better alternative (for whatever reason). Etererum will however have network lock-in effects similar to youtube/google/facebook. Once people are in the Ethereum ecosystem and doing business and using apps there it will be much harder to quickly switch to something else. Ethereum is also where 90% of the serious developers flock, and just like internet in the early days it can be hard to predict what innovation and services will come but it's likely that any future "killer apps" will be built on Ethereum or something we have yet to see.

  2. Very interesting take on Bitcoin, Dave, thanks!. Don't like to potentially be at the mercy of what the whales might do to the value at any given moment!? I'm assuming that the value difference would be minimal unless the transaction is huge.

  3. I am interested in bitcoin for years, but I am not invested in, because I always come to the conclusion that governments will never accept to give away the money printing ability.
    I clearly see the potential benefits for the world, from microtransactions to transaction security and beyond, but central banks will not allow anything to take away their power.
    On the other hand :
    Amazon, Google, Facebook, Alibaba or some big player to come will take the best part from bitcoin ( chain block technologie ) and put it to use in their own global currency .
    For who ever big player puts this new Cryptocurrencie in this world, there will be no reason for them to decide: ok, we could have the power that comes with a global currency, but let us just put this power in the hands of everybody and nobody, let's stick with bitcoin.
    In my eyes, bitcoin is a genius idea, stuck between a rock and a hard place.

  4. Hi Dave, thanks for the very informative video. Recently I have been looking at purchasing Bitcoin as a store of value as an alternative to Gold or the stockmarket. However I have always felt uneasy about this and your point about 'popularity' driving the value of the asset(virtual in this case) got me thinking. Lots of financial gurus are touting that Bitcoin in this climate would be a good purchase. Now of course by doing this it becomes self fulfilling that the value of Bitcoin will continue to rise and for me this all starts to feel like a bit of a pyramid scheme for this virtual asset. I love the concept of the technology and the massive reduction in the cost of transaction fees which would really boost the economy in terms of digital macro payments. However as it stands very few places accept Bitcoin for payment and nor is it regulated. Until we see regulation then retailers will be reluctant to take it as payment. Additionally the volatility of the price makes it unworkable as a 'currency'. One last point is that it's important for each investor to fully understand their risk profile and if the value went to zero what would be the implications to them. For this reason I completely agree with you that each 'investor' needs to think for themself after fact finding whether or not an investment makes sense or not. We are all going to fail with some of our investments and to think otherwise could be very costly.

  5. What you said from 19 min to 19;40 goes against the main strength of BTC .. it is decentralized and all the kings horsies and menfolk are not going to change that by decree. So please explain a bit more about that important point. Great vids btw…. love your stuff, you save and make me money!

  6. Interesting take. I think there is a good chance that institutions will get to point where they cant ignore the returns and then all have a small exposure. Just like Paul Tudor. So I think a 1-3% exposure, give the asymmetric upside, is wise.

  7. Dave, I like how you describe your qualitative approach to investing. I'd love to see more in-depth videos on quantitative analysis, though. How you look at metrics, what tools you use in the process of finding and evaluating companies. Even a walkthrough with some example stocks to demonstrate some basics of your approach.

  8. Bitcoin seemed like a no brainier to me when I bought some in 2013 at £34 each. Bitcoins are like any other currency, they are valuable because of their popularity just like the US dollar is way more popular than the Zimbabwe currency. The problem with the US dollar is that they can print as many as they like. That was the real value of Bitcoin to me, it was a currency that could not be manipulated by governments and it made transactions cheap and easy. My thinking was that eventually there would be a tipping point where all of the worlds currency would flow into it and the world would have a stable universal un manipulatable currency which would stabilise and enhance global trade. I planned to buy regularly once I was satisfied I could easily convert my bitcoins into goods or services. Unfortunately the utility of bitcoin has never been improved and the rate of adoption by business and the public has stood still so I did not buy any more. I sold them in January and bought Tesla which turned out to be a very fortunate decision although if I’d sold the bitcoin 2 years ago I’d have got double. I still think bitcoin could take off and provide a benefit to the world but it needs improving. Government crypto currencies that Dave suggested would defeat the object of crypto.

  9. I like cryptocurrencies for the potential to go big (I got in fairly low on ETH) and the possibility that it might be the place everyone turns to if the fiat markets start going crazy (like hyperinflation on the US $) – sort of hedging my bets if the rest of the financial markets crash.

  10. Great video and approach to investing. New subscriber here, found your channel through Marc de Mesel 🙂 Looking forward to more videos on cryptocurrency. Would love a comparison of Bitcoin vs Ethereum, and their respective potential with regard to usage, adoption and growth of value. Thanks again, Dave.

  11. Fantastic video. You're spot on. Sustainable value can only come from utility. So definitely watch out for those projects that focus on solving real problems with crypto and make it more user-friendly for the masses to onboard millions and billions of people who need it and are able to use it.

  12. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on what Elon said in the third row podcast! He sees bitcoins just as a alternative to cash but not to the financial system as a whole. It's a great question to be explored what then is a bitcoins design that fulfills all of the parts to replace the current status

  13. Bitcoin SV up 30.35% again today. 88% in the last week. This thing makes even Tesla look boring! As more and more apps get built on the protocol (not just for payments but for data too) transaction volumes will continue to explode. The Genesis upgrade at the beginning of Feb will lift the block cap. The aim is to get to 1million transactions a second in 2021. Look out Visa, Mastercard, SWIFT, SEPA etc, we are coming for you 🙂

  14. The issue with buying without doing your own research is that you're going to have weak hands and sell when the asset goes down only to see the asset rise later.

  15. Dave – have you looked at beyond meat (BYND) and Impossible Foods ? These two companies seem like the type you would be following. Any thoughts?

  16. One of the things about Bitcoin that I sometimes think and worry about is if it ever does reach a price of say, $100,000, and if there's someone (besides Satoshi) with say, 1 million BTC (which I think is possible and maybe even probable?), then this person would have $100,000,000,000 (one hundred billion dollars).

    A $100,000 Bitcoin price would make this person one of the richest people on the planet.

    To me, that's kind of unfathomable and scary.

    Does anyone else think about this?

  17. Dave Lee, you say you’re bullish on real estate. You’re also bullish on Tesla. Don’t you think if Tesla succeeds with autonomous ride sharing, real estate would tank without government intervention?

    50% + parking lots would be converted into condos as they would no longer be needed flooding the market with supply. Not to mention commercial real estate being turned into condos already due to online shopping, and other things I won’t get into today.

  18. If BTC was doomed, the whales would have swam away a long time ago. We can talk theory all day, (however interesting), but I'm swimming with the big fishies. 1,000 crypto competitors later and BTC is still somehow standing. Only time will tell for sure, but the risk / reward proposition has its appeal. Let's get David to debate with a whale. Oh ya!

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  21. Bitcoin SV is scalable, has got fast and transactions, even micro transactions for micropayments. it can also be used as a base layer to save or transfer data on it, even have e games on it. For example each move is a super miro transaction. Look up crypto fights. Also can be used in social networks so praticipants own their data and vote with micro transactions or consume content, directly paying content creators. Twetch allows that. Unlimited possibilities. BTC is slow and expensive and not scalable.

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