BEGINNER: Bitcoin vs Lightning payments Hashed Time Locked contracts Explained

We explore the concept of HTLCs (Hashed time locked contracts) that enable routing in the lightning network. We do this with comparing the setting to cash …


  1. Hey Rene. I recently started contributing to Mastering the Lightning Network. I am a novice developer, and I am teaching myself the lightning network, because I want to be #reckless.

    Look fwd to watching all of your lightning videos and offering feedback along the way!

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  3. Just my two cents from my perspective as a bitcoin enthusiast without a technical background. I would love, love, love, tutorial videos for how-to actually use the lightning network. Examples: How to use the services that are in beta, or are only available on Github like Pierre's stuff. People love reviews, especially on youtube. So doing tutorials / reviews on Zap wallet, Eclair, LightningJoule, etc. And then show what services are accepting lightning, and reviews for them.

    I suspect that there may not be too many viewers willing to subscribe with Patreon…Although, it might be a cool idea to experiment with the new Bitcoin Patreon (not sure what the name is) and say, "i'm going to take some of the money from the subscribers to make the tutorial vids". I'd be willing to send sub $5 in bitcoin monthly for that.

    I also think that as far as making money off of this, you will end up wanting to create a lightning developer bootcamp that you charge for. THat will be the best bang for your buck I suspect.

    Hope that helps!

  4. People say they don't like long videos but actually people love long form content. See for example "The Tim Ferriss Show" podcast where he does three hour long interviews – which people said was crazy but now it's one of the most popular podcasts in the world.

  5. I spend my entire days on crypto twitter reading stuff from Bitcoin maximalists and listening to Bitcoin podcasts, but this was new content and an incredibly helpful video to me. Thanks for taking the time to explain. Great job

  6. A bitcoin address is more like a (house) address: it is not static (like a bank-account nr), but it can change, and one could even have more than 1 (or 1000's ).

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