BEST Cryptocurrency App for Beginners | Coinbase

This is a video on coinbase to show off my favorite app for cryptocurrency trading. Coinbase makes learning how cryptocurrency works very easy and accessible …


    they have their android app also… very user friendly interface …easy to understand …security at its peak
    they have their hardware wallet .. exchange and coin …
    their hardware wallet is decentralized connected to their own live exchange …
    means your money will be in your hardware wallet only ..not even in exchange …
    you should also make a video on their wallet and android app…
    i bought one and trust me i can attach it with my mobile…. this need to be shown to the world..

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  4. Thank you for the video.

    2020 will come soon – this will be the year of POS (proof of stake). But today, at the end of 2019, there are cryptocurrencies that are already working on this technology. One of these coins is Prizm (PZM). Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the reward for storage starts already with 1 coin. And the speed of generating new coins depends not only on the number of coins in your wallet, but also on the number of coins in the wallets of the users whom you helped activate the wallets. It turns out a very interesting and vibrant structure. I highly recommend paying attention to this coin. If there is interest, then I can help activate your wallet.

  5. Of all the different tools, it’s important to choose your own! It should be simple and clear, of course, profitable and encouraging! For me, this is also a PRISM coin. Easy to trade, paramedic in wallet. This is not a muddy project and was created for many years.

  6. .Thanks for the interesting video. Tell us about the new cryptocurrency PRIZM (PZM), which provides equal opportunities to all network participants. Each user receives coins in his wallet thanks to paramining 5-25% per month.

  7. Operations with PRIZM are carried out very quickly, reliably and within the whole world. These payments occur without the participation of any intermediaries. Thus, the cost of transactions in PRIZM is minimized!!!!

  8. Respekt! Great video! Highly professional! I chose Prizm cryptocurrency! I liked the technology of paramining! Fixed income! What can you say about these technologies? Thanks! I'm interested in your opinion.

  9. Operations with PRIZM are carried out very quickly, reliably and within the whole world. These payments occur without the participation of any intermediaries. Thus, the cost of transactions in PRIZM is minimized.

  10. Matt, can you use this app for shopping and as a wallet? I think this is a hot topic, and if you have the time and knowledge, I think your channel will be quite popular. I am currently testing the technology of paramаining in the cryptocurrency PRIZM. This technology gives a good profit for the month.

  11. If the price of any cryptocurrency drops, the one who bought it will be in the red until the rate returns to the level at which it was bought. PRIZM cryptocurrency at falling prices is compensated by PARAMINING.

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  14. Hello! You speak well. It was interesting to listen to you. Now many people are interested in paramining the Рrizm cryptocurrency. If you want, try to test, maybe this will interest you and your subscribers. You can chat with the developers on the official website.

  15. Passive earnings are especially well implemented in Prizm cryptocurrency (PZM)

    Whoever thinks this is a scam or a pyramid was too lazy to figure it out

    Scam do not live so much, and scam not survived the crypto winter of 2018

    Over the past two years, the Prizm crypto community has grown by a hundred thousand members, especially in recent months

    Today is the time to take a closer look, if you think that the coin’s rate is high, and it’s too late to enter, think about the fact that coin prisms predict growth in 2020 to $ 1.6- $ 3 per coin, today ~ $ 0.7

    But the coolest thing about Prizm is paramining, which does not require working equipment to mine new coins!

  16. Hello! You are just super! always like to watch your videos! I have a question for you! What do you think of Prizm cryptocurrency? and its paramining technology ?? she brings passive income every second! This is a wallet in which money never ends! ingenious decision of the developers! the most advantageous offer in the crypto market is very interesting to hear your opinion! thanks!))

  17. Matt, would love to see a bit more about purchasing and storing. Can you use this app for purchasing and as a wallet? Can you make purchases using Bitcoin with it or how do you? Think this is a hot topic and if you have the time and knowledge I would think your channel would be pretty popular. ☮️ Wheelchair John in Idaho 😎

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