Best Forex Strategy (3 tips to Win) + Litecoin-Bitcoin, NZDCHF, & EURCHF

Best Forex Strategy (3 tips to Win) + Litecoin-Bitcoin, NZDCHF, & EURCHF Today I’ll show you what I consider to be the Best Forex Strategy, plus a new setup …


  1. – It’s not easy trading Forex i lost much watching and reading books with out having any experience . the consultant of a superior trader would be this helpful investing and learning at the same the same time that is the best thing so far mr pavil Conrad have been putting Me through the market i gain weekly investing with him since march his so consistent with making profit.

  2. Hey Tim, I recently found your channel and like what I’ve seen so far. I will be putting into action the things you are teaching. I have subscribe to the channel. I had two questions, if I may.
    1. What volume indicator are you using?
    2. Are you using ATR for the volatility indicator or is that a different indicator in the same window as the ATR?

  3. Thanks, Tim for reminding us of trading money management, I am the intraday trader, as I do not have a big capital, so, I am always trading on small time frame such as 30 & 60 minutes, and my TP is ranging 30-40 pips & SL is 50 pips per trade and , frankly, I am still doing a lot of mistakes and I wish to have a discipline rule to define and follow on these frames as up till now I did not succeed to find this rule, shall i use your same rule on 30 and 60 minutes and which ATR value will be used on theses time frames, Shall i use daily ATR ?? as a mentor to me, I know you are expert and your colleagues are experts as well would you please suggest me a good one, thank you and best regards.

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