Best Way To Buy Bitcoin Instantly (I Ditched Coinbase)

The best way to buy bitcoin instantly with fiat currency, in my opinion, is on Cash App (affiliate): Or, you can enter the invite code …


  1. @hashoshi I'm from the Caribean of Trinidad and Tobago. Will the fees be high purchasing Bitcoin from Cash App? I need your help on this because I wanna INVEST seriously

  2. Too bad CashApp would not accept $$ from my Chase bank account, even though I went thru the entire rigamarole and the deposit failed. Fack this. After about an hour's effort, I ended up deleting the app. Boo

  3. I would appreciate any advice on avoiding or minimising bank transfer fees with Coinbase/G Dax… Coinbase is a US-based company, as far as I know… Do UK-based clients pay more for bank-to-bank transfers between the UK and the US? What's your experience?

  4. Coinbase Pro is better and has smaller spreads. I have no issues buying from them nor Gemini Trust and their fee's are better. No issues in instant execution and order fills.

  5. I was buying bitcoin with cashapp then one morning I got a notification that cashapp closed my account because of "unusual activity". They gave me no further explanation. I had some of my paycheck direct deposited there and was buying bitcoin and sending it out. Any idea why they closed my account?

  6. The Crypto world can be alien and intimidating to a beginner; it wasn't easy for me mining on my own as a beginner either, until I made my first major profit, mining with Mr Raphel Garvey

  7. If I use the cash app to buy Bitcoin will it become available instantly. Will I be able to send and receive immediately. I tried coinbase and they have a very long wait time also coinmama was a rip-off and took a very long time to verify.

  8. Hey! Can you guide me, how to do that in India and which is the best app and what should be the investment in INR. Please, I'll be greatful. Thank you. Mate!

  9. Often ignored with Coinbase is Coinbase Pro… Despite both being Coinbase, the Pro side (the exchange) offers %0.5 maker/taker fees when you're starting, you'll get a rate much closer to true market value (or you can set a limit order and pick your price), and you can send your crypto to any blockchain address for free (NOT true from their main website). You can't set automatic purchases nearly as easily, so that's a downside, but within the Coinbase world, if you're doing a manual purchase, always use the exchange. And I agree, get a hardware wallet.

  10. This person mentions hardware wallets, but says nothing about their hackability especially
    if purchased used. And how secure is this cash app? Hackers are often expert and very
    clever in snatching anything connected to your cell phone emails, sim card, etc.,

  11. What are the fiat conversion rates like? I'd be buying with Australian dollars. Can someone suggest the exchange with the lowest fiat conversion fees?

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