1. I was scammed two days ago of 0.5eth from Bilaxy airdrop. They said they had an issue with my IP address and I should send another one to to validate it cus it was stock on the smart contract. I worked hard to earn the money for that coin and they took it from me. I just leave them to God to judge. But the thing hurt me badly, now my dad doesn't trust me with money again.

  2. Best rule of thumb is to just assume that everything is a scam until proven otherwise. Go to the official site and ask. Though sending any amount of monetary value to receive anything in return is garbage! Don't care how broke you are and its only a small amount, NO! Oh they also use their own wallets or sites or whatever in order to get you to import your wallet and get your seed. Always use a new or unused wallet, especially for some no name trashcoin

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